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Could you all review and give me feedback on my store. I know I am fresh into my store. We have launched about a month and a half ago and have not gotten any sales. We’ve done fb ads that are decently targeted as well as broad targeting . I’m getting good traffic and even add to carts but no orders. I’ve implemented discounts for new customers and even abandoned carts. Not sure exactly what I should change.

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Your store looks good but I would change some things:

1- Add a Favicon Logo, it gives the store more trust and seems more professional.

2- It is important to improve the site speed. I've run a speed test and should be better.Captura de pantalla 2021-08-06 123655.png


3- I recommend you focus on new ad platforms and methods to grow because competence is a lot lower. For example, TikTok and TikTok Ads are working well right now and costs are much lower than Facebook Ads.

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Have a great day!


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Hello @Zyanboutique 

I am happy to have you here, i have gone through your request and i can say that your store is looking good but still lacking some great features like the following

  • Your logo is one of those things that holds a lot of weight in how professional or unprofessional your store looks. I would highly recommend having a professional logo done up for your store, it’s a worthy investment. This is a service we offer so if you are interested, you can click here for more information.
    Your logo should be redesigned, once your logo is finished, you can match the fonts and colors in your store to your logo. This is going to level up your store even more and make you look very professional.
  • Testimonials section (should have): So the testimonial section is always essential. Customers will always want to check your stores’ feedback and rating.

Home Page; A well designed and planned home page helps to boost easy conversion and raise the standard of your store.  What are the things you need to look into while setting up a home page 
         * More Eye Catchy Products and also the size of the products means a lot while designing your store 

         * Brilliant Contents and Keywords

  • Add About Us in your home page inorder to convince people that you are from a reliable source

And for more details about your store you can inbox me and i will be here to reply you

Best Regards