Review of my Site Speed and look for mobile and desktop

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Hello, I have added some new adjustments to my website mostly on the home page and I want to get feedback on the overall look and feel and if my site loads fast for you I have a score of 29 on my shopify store speed, but it loads up really fast on my end.

Thanks for all the feedback in advance:))

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Hello @Alex2000  Hope you are doing great. Your store looks okay and eye catching . Hope you are getting  sales conversion ?

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@Alex2000 29 is a good score with that tool if you're using 3rd party apps. We've optimized hundreds of Shopify sites since that tool started reporting, we usually see active stores with a score between 20 - 35 after optimization, so you're right in that range. To learn more about the scoring and why a normal site won't score high:

As for any optimization potential, you can use the Shopify Analyzer. That's a free tool my team built for the community. It's geared specifically for Shopify sites + gives recommendations and in some cases links to guides to solve your warnings.

To score high on the Shopify speed score (or Google PageSpeed Insights, they're basically the same), you'll most likely need to remove 3rd party apps. I don't recommend doing this, because in ecommerce those engaging apps are what help you increase conversions. The article above dives more into that, but just giving you the quick note.

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