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We just launched on the 1st of July and have opened with our initial poster prints, focused on Zombies.


Zombie Poster Print Shop 

The site is aimed to be minimal, distraction free, and focus on the artwork.

We have two collections but will be expanding from Black and White (film style), and Wet Plate Collodion (vintage style) poster prints of Zombies.


We're focusing on gaining audiences, understanding our user audience behavior, and hoping to collaborate with other brands, events, and websites to bring unique - fun - and interesting collections of zombie and horror themed posters, accessories, and even tshirts.


Thank you!

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Hello @LandOfTheZed,


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5. Add Blogging in the store
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You really went above and beyond here, thank you!

Some fantastic points here, and we just implemented a few of them, particularly reviews.
And getting a blog setup is certainly on the roadmap for us.

This gave us a lot of confidence and we're really pleased to see the community react like this, thank you!