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Please checkout our store and let me share scope of improvement.

secondly checkout n shopify mail are not working it may be blocked by shopify .

please also advise how to enable them as well

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Hi @tkvs 

I have visite your store and here are my suggestions. Hope they are helpful to you!


In general, your homepage looks clear and well-arranged. There is only a few things that you should improve it 

  • Add sale of price: Most customers have price consciousness and are interested in good deals. Adding compare price/ sale of price for products displaying on your homepage will be an effective method to appeal customers and increase conversion rate
  • Activate Sticky cart: I recommend you to activate sticky cart on your website. This enhances the user experience and makes the checkout process simple and easy for them. Moreover, a sticky cart helps to increase the conversion rate by reducing cart abandonment. Try out this app Advanced Sticky Add To Cart for free
  • Fix social media page: When I click on your social media buttons, they all lead me to error pages. You should fix it soon to avoid bad customer experiences and bounce rate.

Product page

  • Testimonials/ Customer review: Adding testimonials on your product page will be a good way to build trust and credibility from new customers. The majority of buyers are concerned about whether the products they purchase online are as attractive and high-quality as they appear on the website. As a result, previous customer feedback might have a significant impact on a potential customer's buying decision.
  • Create Bundles: It seems like you have various types of products. It is a good condition to apply an effective cross-sell method which is product bundles. You can create many product bundles with discounts to appeal to customers. Most customers are willing to buy bundles to get a lower total price. Therefore, don't miss this chance to sell more products and increase your sales. App Product Bundle Volume Discount can help you create bundles at ease. 

That’s all my suggestions for your store. Hope they are helpful to you

Happy selling!


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Hi @tkvs,

Here are my suggestions for you: 

1. Edit the CTA buttons


After checking your CTA buttons, I suggest you should make small changes to them.

a) With buttons on the header form, you should center-align them to ensure style consistency. This will also help the form
become more visually appealing.

b) Secondly, the 'Add to cart' button on the product page might need be modified too. Particularly, you could capitalize it and use the bold color to attract the site visitors more easily. This could also enhance the sales conversion rate on your online store.

2. Add the business introduction section

Currently, your website doesn't have a clear business introduction that could showcase key information about your brand and products. As a result, the site visitors may find it difficult to explore your business and it is likely that they won't be persuaded enough to make their purchase decisions. I highly advise you to add the 'About Us' section to your homepage to let audiences know about Thaakurji. Moreover, story-telling is the proper writting style which you should use for this type of content as it will help you engage with site visitors emotionally and interestingly.

3. Write blog

Attracting a huge number of web traffic is probably one of the most crucial objectives for each online business. Blog could help you with this since it is a powerful digital marketing channel. You should start writting blog posts and optimize SEO to increase your page rank on the search engine. In case you need an useful SEO guide for eCommerce page, you could check out this article from Ahrefs.

4. Follow who abandoned their carts on your website

Patience is the key to success. Not everyone will make the purchase immediately when visiting your website. People can check products or only add items to their carts. Thus, I suggest you should keep following the site visitors who abandoned their carts via email and converting them into your customers. To help you with this, I suggest you should check Klaviyo and Avada.

Hope this helps

If you find my answer helpful for you, please kindly mark it as a solution. Thank you and good luck.

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what is your store url 

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Hi  @tkvs , 

This is PageFly - a Free Shopify Landing Page Builder. I would love to share my thoughts for your store based on 6 years of providing solutions for over 100.000 active Shopify merchants.

Congratulations on your store! After looking at your website, I have some feedback for your Store and hope that they can help you increase sales.

1. Plus point:

  • The Navigation bar is sticky: People will be able to explore your webpage in a more comfortable and regulated manner with a sticky navigation bar
  • I love your background music. Including Background music is a good idea which will help your customers more enjoyable and relaxing during shopping.
  • Drop down menu allows customers to have general information about your products.
  • Having a live chat shows how you care about your customers.
  • Hover pictures is a great way to add both CTA button and basic products’ information

2. Recommendations:

2.1. The hero banner shouldn’t be covered by CTA button:

Make the Call-to-action button the most outstanding element on the hero banner, as it can have you drive traffic and increase conversion rate. However, you can consider using center alignment and transparent color background for the button so that your banner will be more harmonious. 



2.2. Invest more on high quality images:

High-resolution photographs convey a story about your services and serve to build trust between your company and its customers. Which will assist you in achieving your ultimate aim of turning a prospective lead into a paying customer.

The higher the picture quality, the more likely buyers will give your products/services a good rating, which will have a significant impact on their decision to buy. As a result, the higher the quality, the greater the possibility of conversion.


Moreover, making the videos autoplay is the next stage of the battle for audience views. As people get better at tuning out or avoiding advertising, autoplay can be a way to snag a sliver of their attention. They might not click on a video advertisement on purpose, but if it starts to play you might have a chance to capture their attention.

2.3. Add Core Brand information

Promotion banners are useful, but they would be more appealing to buyers if they were placed in larger, separate sections. As buyers usually care about extra benefits that they are able to receive. 


Free shipping, return policies, and any warranty or guarantee information can further positively influence users' perceptions of the site or brand, reassuring them that it is trustworthy. The Homepage is an excellent area to showcase such policies in a clear and straightforward manner. Such information, which is top of mind for many users, can assist develop trust and inspire consumers to explore the site further. As an example, consider our Comfy Template:


Last but not least, here are my other recommendations for you, feel free to consider them applied to your store:

  • Add Testimonials section or include both the user rating average and number of rating : Your message is quickly magnified to its greatest potential when you mix client testimonials with other effective marketing methods.
  • Add product core features: Customers are sometimes less concerned with pricing than with distinctive selling qualities, such as the use of ecologically friendly products or the absence of animal testing. It's crucial to communicate key features that may be highlighted on the site. This helps customers to have a better understanding of the brand's most important features before committing to exploring items.

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