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Why are unpaid draft orders included in our daily sales? A sale isn't a sale until we have collected the funds.  I realize Shopify was created around retail stores, but our biz is 50 service, 50 retail and we have a tough time making Shopify work on our service side. 



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Hi @SallyG 
As far as I know unpaid draft orders are included in Shopify's daily sales reports because they track the value of products as soon as an order is placed, not when payment is collected. This inclusion aligns with Shopify’s design, which caters primarily to retail environments where orders are typically paid for quickly. For businesses with a service component, this can cause discrepancies in sales tracking, as unpaid drafts might be considered premature sales. To manage this, consider customizing your reports or using additional tools to differentiate between paid and unpaid orders more accurately. 

For more detailed information, you can refer to Shopify's help center:

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