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Seems like shopify doesnt work?

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I came to shopify because the website i used before lacked the support and community feel that shopify has but now i am thinking that maybe starting any store is just pointless now with how saturated the web is with new stores.

I can not seem to get traffic to my website never mind sales. (I have tried facebook adverts on a tiny budget and the few visitors i get would not stay longer than 20 seconds.)

The google app had to be removed because google decided to mess about and screw me over (REALLY) I had my store products not accepted and i went in checked what was wrong then messaged google and the first response i get was they couldn't find a problem with my website so told me to hit the review button which i did and the next person started saying loads of problems with my website so i search and do loads of updating and hit review and again told my website has loads of problems, this went on for 5 times that i hit the review button before i gave up and removed the app completely. 

It seemed like google was just taking the mick and refusing to let me use the google shopping even though everything else set up properly with the google app they just kept refusing my products.

I have tried unlike others to make everything look good and include everything on my website like policies, returns details, contact info, about us page, all my emails are branded to my niche. 

Yet my store is going no where 😞

I have constantly been taken up by these "look at what we did" posts etc where they say they will show you how to succeed and instead just go on about what they did to succeed and don't actually show a do this type plan and you get lost really quickly.

I just do not see why there is no genuine people that are willing to help you get started and actually show you (with results) instead just being bombarded with their story then expected to pay money for them to help you 😄

I don't see the harm in helping someone start making the money first and then they will be in a position to start paying for more help in growing etc.

Anyways i am starting to think about if i should just give it up as a bad idea (i cant keep paying for fees like shopify, domain names, hosting without the store bringing in any money) 

I could do with a good marketing plan that is guaranteed to start making results good enough that i can then get in help to grow the results. 

I was so enthusiastic at the beginning and now its dwindling 😞

Thanks for reading 

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It seems you are drop shipping, the inherent problem with drop shippers is that these businesses are heavily scrutinized, compared to a merchant selling original products. Google looks at quality, trust factor, and policy-related signals to allow you or not.

You are absolutely allowed to do drop shipping on Google Shopping, however, if you don't add any benefits to the consumer, compared to an existing merchant selling the same products, then Google will most likely not allow you.

For example benefits are, original images, content, having authentic reviews etc.

Also have a look at:

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