Selling High-End Electric Fireplaces Online - how to get more organic traffic

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We set our site up this past spring and after not getting any organic traffic I dug a little deeper and realized Google never Indexed our site.  I submitted a sitemap through Goolge Search Console and it seems like we're finally being indexed. 

Please take a look at our site:

I'm happy with the way the site looks but not with the results.  We just had our first sale in about 3 months.  If anybody has any specific suggestions that would be greatly appreciated!



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Hi Cory, just my 2 cents here - on your About Us page you talk about the fireplaces, but not about who you are as a brand. As a customer spending several thousand dollars, I would want to know more about the people behind the brand as well.

Also when I click into products, the 1st 2 photos throw me off a bit, as they look like stock photos with your fireplace pasted into place in Photoshop, not a real person's home.

I would also update the blog so people can see you are active on the site, the only post is from Feb.

I hope this helps!

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Hi there Cory

My name is Evan, I’m a Guru here with Shopify. I took a look at your site, and I think it looks great. Clean, clear and easy to navigate. My one suggestion for your site would be a large block of white space on your Product Page. It may be worth reorganizing the page to fill that space, maybe with the video of the fireplace you have, or a description of the product. Here is the section I’m referring to on the product page.

You have a very specific product, so you’re going to want to bump up your SEO to get that organic traffic (apart from paid ads). That link will take you to some of our blogs on SEO and traffic conversion. One note I would make is that your product is beautiful, and very image based but also very specific, so you’ll need to use SEO to get noticed more on Google. As I mentioned, your images are beautiful: you and I can see that, however, Google can’t. You’ll want to make sure all your images have alt attributes, that tells Google and other search engines what’s in the image, improving your SEO. You’ll also want to take a look at meta descriptions. Those are basically detailed maps of your pages that tell Google where to send people. The Beginner SEO Guide goes into some great detail about that as well, it’s definitely worth a read!

This is all information that goes on behind the scenes of your site. It’s something that you can do yourself, or hire a Shopify Expert to do for you. There are also some SEO apps that will automate the process.

Apart from running paid campaigns SEO is a great way to increase traffic to your site, especially when you’re selling such a specific product. If you have any other questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to let me know! I'll be more than happy to help!

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Hi Cory! Maggie, Shopify Partner here :)

Your products look incredible and it was the first time I saw electric fireplaces that looked like the log ones. The effect is amazing, and you are displaying your products very effectively. I really like the video you have on your homepage. It shows the setting in detail. It would be great to have some clearer instructions to help your visitors understand how the fireplace works, what it takes to install it, whether you offer the installation service in the price, or would the customers need to do it themselves or hire a professional. You can include another instruction video with this info on the homepage, so people can find it right away. It’s better to make it accessible and easy to find, as some people might not be familiar with the settings and might not be able to find the info they need on your website.

Consider getting a chat on your site, so people can ask a real person [one of your staff] about the specifications and recommendation. That can definitely help you improve your conversion rate and turn more visitors into customers.

When it comes to About us page, I agree with Rei - consider adding more information here about your brand, your team, and your credentials. This is a great place to build trust and connect with your customers. People prefer buying from brands they trust, so building a personal connection is often key when driving sales. Consider adding a photo of your team here as well.

I noticed you don’t have any additional content, such as shipping info, returns policy, FAQs or instructions manual. Consider adding them, as your customers would be interested in the delivery cost before making a purchase. Make sure to specify whether you ship worldwide or just within your country. Describe also if you use secure packaging to protect the product from the damage in the transit. Make sure to think of all the possible questions/concerns your customers might have when buying a product like yours.

Consider also specifying your returns policy, which items qualify for a refund, how to send the item to you, what’s the time frame etc. Don’t use Shopify standard policy though - it might not be applicable for your business. Consider writing unique policy here to cover your business from any losses.

FAQs page is also a good idea - you can include the installation information here, product specifications, additional buying guide and helpful tips on how to choose the right product. Your customers will love this info and it will also help you convert more visitors into clients.

When it comes to the marketing strategy, I agree that an organic approach is best. People often ignore ads, and organic content works best.

Your niche is great for a defined marketing strategy.

I would start from a thorough customer and competitor research. Customer research will help you define your target buyer personas, which will also help you find the ways to market your business. Building your buyer persona will help you understand which type of customer is most profitable, what is their age, location, and budget. You will also learn about their interests and other websites they visit. This will help you narrow down the ways to connect with them, and to create a content they will find most engaging.

Competitor research will help you understand who are your main competitors, what are their strengths and weaknesses and what opportunities there are for you to differentiate yourself in the marketplace and stand out. You will need a defined USP [unique selling proposition] to offer something unique your competitors are not offering, in order to improve your sales.

When it comes to marketing, a customer research will give you some helpful data as to which social media platforms your customers are currently using, which content they are sharing etc. You can also join the discussion boards they are active on and offer a helpful tips on how to decorate the house, add finishing touches etc. is a great platform for you - it attracts plenty of homeowners looking for innovative ways to decorate their homes, so make sure to be active there.

Make sure to start guest blogging to be featured in the home improvement blogs your customers are reading.

Post regularly on social media and work on the backlinks too.

Build your mailing list as well - either on your website, or on Facebook and other platforms - you can generate the link to the subscription page and share it externally. This way you can start generating leads even before you start getting traffic.

Newsletters are very profitable when done right - this way you won’t need to rely on your position in Google, or whether you are featured or not, to have traffic. People will visit your website if you send them valuable information via email and they will be happy to buy from you.

Your niche is specific, so you should do a lot of legwork in order to establish your brand presence, authority within your niche, and build trust of your target audience.


I run Rock Paper Copy, marketing and SEO company specializing in niche marketing, and we can help you in running research and preparing a unique marketing strategy for your brand. Email me now at to get started!

Best regards,


Rock Paper Copy  

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Great site. I really like the design and structure. I recently saw a similar one when I was doing repairs in my house, you had something to do with electricity