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Hey guys, I don't know exactly how it works here in this forum but wanted to ask if you could give me some feedback for this section. I think it's a bit confusing. Too many different font styles. But let's see what you think.

The hidden part is the title and text that I don't change.






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Hi @DCB,


It's always nice to see new entrepreneurs paving their way to success thanks to a good Shopify store. For me, it feels a little bit too much text and a strange combination of different fonts, font sizes and thickness. What I recommend to you is:

  • Move the price, Add to Cart button, number of reviews and variants above the fold. Make sure these are visible right when someone opens the page, along with the Media Gallery and the title.
  • Make the price bigger a little bit.
  • Use the same font and do not overuse Bold text and emojis.


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Ah, got it! Thanks for clarifying. I'll work on implementing those changes and will send you an update once it's done. Your feedback is really helpful, and I appreciate you taking the time to share your insights! I just hope ill find the code for all the text in the product card section ^^


Just a quick clarification: when you mentioned "above the fold," could you elaborate on what you mean by that? I want to make sure I understand your perspective correctly so we can implement the changes effectively.

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Sure thing! Above the fold means the part of the website visible when the website is loading up, without having to scroll down.

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Hi @DCB,

It’s Kate here from PageFly, a Shopify Landing Page Builder app.

As a website builder and a CRO expert, I have some suggestions for optimizing your store. 

I completely understand the challenges you're facing with your store's interface. Your page looks creative and full of information. However, I have identified some issues that could be contributing to the problems you're experiencing. 

​​First, there is no problem with too much text. I think the problem is at its interface, I highly recommend using the type of section like this, it has a better point of view and visualization: 


Second, from my viewpoint, I see your fonts are not consistent and your alignment is not synchronized, some were aligned in the middle, and some were in the left.


I recommend synchronizing all in 1 font and aligning it all on the left. And you should also optimize content and size in just 1 line, to avoid wasting space on the page. 


Finally, the price section looks a little bit messy. Personally, I'm not sure if the price of 49.90 EUR included a gift or not, and I'm also not sure what that gift looks like. 




You can consider redesigning it, for example, about the free gift, you can use a third-party app to add a checkbox below, which can make it less confusing. Here is an example: 



I hope these tips will help enhance your page and boost conversion rates. Wishing you the best in your endeavors. Keep up the great work! 


Kate | PageFly team 

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