Shopify allowed customer to buy a product but never released the money

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Shopify decided that I should provide them a document stating that I have the vendor permission to sell the items which I am drop shipping, until then they are holding on to the customer money who purchased a product, and never got any product. 

wouldn’t it make sense for shopify to ensure that all required documentation is obtained prior to making the first sale? 

why does shopify hold on to the client money instead of refunding it ?


dirty games which I will be writing to BBB

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@Unsatisfieduser ,

It is necessary for drop shipper to take approval from supplier for branded products of their own. 

We cannot sell directly branded products from our store. whatever the products is sold, check their supplier and ask for authorization letter and upload it.. 

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Granted, however, shopify should never shut down the store, without
informing the client what needs to be done, and how to do it. The Shopify
legal team sent me links of products which were not accessible due to the
site being shut down, which i could not see what product it was, and the
product was a generic umbrella. They kept sending some wrong products to me
until finally saw something that resembled a used vacuum of dyson brand.
Legally, if its clearly stated that the vacuum is used, it is not within
Shopify legal framework to prevent me from selling it. They are out of line
for doing this.