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I understand coding well but I am confused on what exactly this line of code applies to in the Brooklyn Theme Product Template.liquid 


<div class="grid product-single">
<div class="grid__item large--seven-twelfths medium--seven-twelfths text-center">
<div id="ProductMediaGroup-{{ }}" class="product-single__media-group-wrapper" data-product-single-media-group-wrapper>
<div class="product-single__media-group{% unless stacked %} product-single__media-group--single-xr{% endunless %}" data-product-single-media-group>
{%- assign enable_image_zoom = section.settings.enable_image_zoom -%}
{% assign height = 600 %}
{% assign width = 575 %}   <<<----- What does this change??

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Hi @gsherm ,

This seems to assign the height of the image to be displayed or zoomed here, what are you looking to edit?

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I am not really looking to edit anything really. I have already edited the size of the product image itself by changing the height of it. But, changing that number I have no idea what it goes to. Because it doesn't change any aspect of the product image itself. Only changing the height of the image actually does anything to the image.