Shopify Collection List

Shopify Collection List

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I have a problem when I click on a collection for the collection list it sends me to a page of the collection but i want it to send me to a page of the collection because i made pages and i want it inside pages not collections. Please someone help

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Sammy_Kennedy20 can you be more explicit with the problem?


Do you mean that you want to be directed to a page consisting of all your collection list?

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Hi @Sammy_Kennedy20 To resolve your issue where clicking on a collection in the collection list sends you to the collection page instead of a custom page you created, you can manually edit the links in your Shopify theme to direct users to your custom pages. 


1. Identify the Custom Pages:

Ensure you have created the custom pages in Shopify that you want the collection links to redirect to.


2. Edit the Navigation Menu:

Go to your Shopify admin.

Click on Online Store > Navigation.

Edit the relevant menu (e.g., Main Menu, Footer Menu) where your collections are listed.


3. Change Collection Links to Custom Page Links:

Find the collection links you want to change.

Replace the collection link with the link to your custom page.

For example, if you have a collection named "Summer Collection" and a custom page with the URL /pages/summer-collection, update the link accordingly.


7. Edit Theme Code (if necessary):

Sometimes, the links might be generated dynamically, requiring a theme code modification.

Go to Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit Code.

Find the relevant file that handles the collection list (often it could be in a file like collection-list.liquid or similar).

Locate the code that generates the links and modify it to point to your custom pages instead.

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To achieve the desired redirection from collection links to custom pages, you need to update your navigation links or modify your theme code as outlined above. If you need further assistance, please contact us with your requirements.




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