Shopify Creating Multiple collections for same name in product CSV

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Hi there!

I have uploaded almost 8K products using product CSV. Everything is working fine instead of collections. As i'm importing multiple products with same collection name.

So, as described in shopify documentation. When you import a product with  collection name. Shopify add this product to existing collection with same name but if collection does not exist shopify create a new collection and add that product to new  collection.

But in my case where multiple products have same collection name. Instead of creating one collection for all that  products it creates different collection for each product even though with  same name but  different handles. 

E.g: I have 5 products in  my CSV file with  same collection name in 'Collection' field ( suppose shoes ). So, according to shopify documentation it should just  create one collection with named 'shoes' and should add all 5 products in that collection. but it's creating 5 collections  with same name ( shoes ) one for each  product. but  with different handles (shoes, shoes-1, shoes-2 so on).

Kindly guide what I'm doing wrong.

Thanks 🙂

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I am also facing the same problem. Importing big files and then manually fixing the collections is exhausting. Has shopify provided a solution yet?