Shopify site constantly being suspended with other platforms due to policy violations

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Hi, I am not sure what else to do.  I have tried everything to make sure I am in alignment with other platforms policies when it comes to my Shopify site.  Google suspended me for “misrepresentation of self or product” 

Facebook and Instagram shop is a mess and they won’t even tell me what’s wrong they’ve just completely shut me down and I can’t get that set up correctly.  Pinterest rejects my ads a lot... I cannot figure out what is wrong with my Shopify site that it is in constant “violation” and none of the platforms are even clear on what specifically the violations are.  Nobody seems to be able to help.  I want to hire an expert to get my site in compliance and make sure I am a site with integrity and alignment with all policies.  
can someone help and tell me what is wrong with my site?  And who can help me set all of this right?

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Hey @Risingcosmos,

Sorry to hear, how frustrating!

I'm no expert in this area but something as simple as having an out of stock item that is still being advertised could cause this. I just finished reviewing your store and noticed during that time that these products are out of stock.

From the Google Merchant Center "Misrepresentation":

"Promising products or promotional offers that aren’t available for users

  • Examples: Promoting products that are not stocked, promoting a deal that is no longer active, call-to-action in promotion that isn't easily achievable from the landing page
    See the feed specification attributes on availability and price for specific guidelines to comply with this policy"

Here's an article that you can read up on to see if any of the things listed apply to you, but I'd recommend reaching out to Google for clarification.

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I recommend having a look at the following policies:


The most common issues are:

  1. Not adding full contact details page linked from the footer (email, phone number, address, contact form):

  2. Not having a valid checkout:

  3. Not having returns and refund, delivery, privacy policy and terms of service pages

  4. Selling products that are not allowed:

  5. Selling products that are not stocked:

  6. Not adding any added content, and simply copy-pasting other sites

  7. Having multiple websites in the same niche

  8. Not being honest with what you sell or how you portray the business

  9. Having a low trust factor or no track record of order fullfilment

You can ask Google for specific examples of policy violation. To do so ask here and check the box, I need more info


Hope this helps.


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