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Should I hire an expert?

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Dear Friends, 


I opened a shopify store called Purple Dragonfly llc but am having so much trouble setting it up, and getting it on google, facebook etc.  Tell me what you guys would do. 





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Hi @Michellegaston , 

Welcome to Shopify! Getting your store started is the first step. If you're having trouble setting your store up to the way you'd like hiring a Shopify Expert could be a good step for you. Shopify Experts have all been vetted by Shopify and their knowledge of Shopify is second to none. It really depends on you if you want to go hire an Expert and you can see the Expert directory here

When you say you're having trouble getting it on Google and Facebook, do you mean, connecting your Shopify store channels or getting SEO traffic and more visitors to your store? You can see the help guides Shopify has for Facebook and Google below, but if these aren't what you're looking for, don't hesitate to let me know and give more detail:

Is there anything else you have questions about with your set up other than these? 

Nick | Community Moderator @ Shopify 
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It really depends on how much time you can or will spend on it yourself. Anything can be learned and Shopify is actually easier to learn than most platforms. But off course it takes time and maybe you time is spend better on other things - finding the right products, shipping them, customer support etc. Only you know.

Hiring an expert can be a good option. However, you should be very careful in who you pick. Even with Shopify's "Expert directory" you can't be sure. Unfortunately I have seen some pretty bad examples of the crap (I would almost label it fraud) some of the so-called experts have done. 

The best option is to ask someone you know and trust who they have used - and was happy about. 

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Thank you so much for this information. 

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When I say google or facebook, the computer is always saying that google suspended my account because it was not set up right.

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The first step is always to set up the store once the store is setted up with correct detailing the next step is to link your store with your Google account or any other digital channel of marketing. 

I saw your store it's not setted up products are missing. 

I have served this industry to client selling wedding dresses wedding viels etc. 

Thank you.


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Hi @Michellegaston 

Congratulations on opening a new store and Welcome to Shopify! All-in-one marketing platform Growave is here. You can always hire an expert, but make sure you found a reliable and experienced one.

  1. Finding the right expert is also time-consuming and financially costly.
  2. You become dependent on your expert. In case you would like to update features/products / marketing tools/ design/ visual appeal, you will always depending on another person.

However, you can build your own online store yourself. Luckily, Shopify provides a lot of easily accessible and useful information online. Also, in case of any questions, you can always relate Shopify Support or Moderators. 

Also, don't forget about the Shopify App Store that offers a lot of really useful apps that can help you with your online store. You can find apps that can cover any of your requests. I would recommend you to browse Shopify App Store for apps with free trials. So you can understand whether a particular app brings value to your store before the actual purchase. You will definitely discover a lot of opportunities for your store there. Also, I would suggest using all-in-one apps like Growave for easier management. 

Test Growave during the free trial period to check whether it works for you. The app contains 5 efficient marketing features that will help you with sales and conversions such as Reviews, Wishlist, Rewards & Loyalty, Social Login, a shoppable Instagram gallery on Shopify store under one dashboard at an affordable price. 

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