someone please give me feedback

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I'm getting a lot of visitors, but barely making sales, what can I improve?


Here's my store

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Looks scammy. Remove the spam pop-ups and change the font to something like poppins. When making a site always try to emulate the big companies in your industry. 

If you want to keep the pop-ups reduce it to 1 maximum and add a delay of at least 30 seconds. 

Good luck!

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Thanks for the feedback, which popup are you referring to?

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These two pop up about 3 seconds apart from each other causing them to overlap. 



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got it, thanks I will have to work on that, I really appreciate it

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Hello @queenB1118 

Hope you are doing well. Your store looks good and here are few suggestions.

Logo is nice, but you can Improve it further as it is blended in the background.

Add Blog page,  blog posting will allow you to show your followers a personal side of your business. In this way you can engage with Existing and New customers.

Include about us page and tell the visitor who you are and your goal, also any further information about the product that you want them to know.

Add Contact us page and mention more details of your store to look trustworthy.

Promote your product on the social media and provide links on the footer section.

You can promote your products with word of mouth strategy. Boost your sales with the app from the shopify app store  which helps to increase your sales further. Improve your conversions by directly reaching those who close to your customers.

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Hi @queenB1118 

Everything in your store looks great. Here are some areas where you could consider working on

->Social login :I can also suggest social login page like login with facebook, instagram , google ,linked in and twitter. which helps the customer to login easily .

->Add blog page: Blog initially used to provide a unique way for people to share their thoughts, feelings, experiences, and opinions and It is a huge opportunity to increase your company's visibility.

->Rewards& credits: Credits helps to increase the orders, and make customers to buy the products with rewards and store credits. You can give store credits for registration, subscription, Order credits, Cart Value, Item review, Monthly, Birth day, Referral and many more. This will assist you with captivating your customers and hold them. You can compensate your customers to reclaim those focuses. At the point when you will offer focuses to them they will come back again later on to cause a buy to reclaim those focuses. Setup a reward program for giving points and let customers redeem on their next purchase.

->Trust badges: I see you added trust badges on home page, try add them on product details page too.

->You can create a videos on your products and these also you can share on social media pages daily, this will helpful for your conversions.

I would wish that you will take this suggestions into consideration to increase traffic into your store. I suggest our app Tuecus-Customer Account Page for enjoying all this features and to attract customers.

Hope! If you find it useful, leave a like and accept solution to let me know!

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Is the below design intentional ? ( Seems like something is incorrect), also a lot of popups makes the website a bit spammy looking.

Screenshot 2021-06-16 at 2.05.43 PM.png



Apart from the above, just curious if you've thought about visitor count, abandoned carts or even price competitiveness. What's actually happening with your store. Good to checkout if you're getting traffic and how it translates to sales.

Screenshot 2021-06-16 at 2.05.43 PM.png

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