something is wrong with my store i think - Could us feedback please!

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Can as many as possible please check my store and tell me what the heck is wrong. I used to get many orders and then 2 monthsd ago it stopped and people started saying they could not access my site. Then all of a sudden people using firefox would get a message saying that it would not open our site because the link to our store is a security risk which we have it successfully pointing to our main domain which is

Does the website and pages load for all of you just fine? Please let me know. We have a huge customer base but they just come and leave because of this. Does anyone seem to be having any problems seeing our website when going to

Thank you so much as i need all your help.

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Hi @thegardeningwor 

Thank you for sharing your store URL with us to review. I was able to successfully load the website on Firefox, Chrome and Safari using a Pixelbook, Pixel Phone and iPad Pro. No issues that I could see and your DNS for your A record and CNAME record look good as well. 

Do you have a screenshot of the reported error message from your customers? Or are you able to replicate this issue yourself? If I could see what the error is and what the URL looks like when the page loads, that might help me narrow down possible causes for this.

If you aren't able to replicate, I would ask that you connect with a customer experiencing this issue and ask for the device they are using (including operating system if possible) and the browser, along with a screenshot of the error. As much details as you can get from them as far as how they are accessing the store is also very beneficial. Once you have received that information I would then ask the customers to refresh their browser cookies and attempt once more. 

Shay | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hi @thegardeningwor !

Your store is really clean and I am able to easily find and see products. The pages are loading well for me

You mentioned that people come and just drop off and the reason might be because they are trying to find a way to contact you, but it isn't easy to find

Add a chat widget to your website. Not only people will stay for long, but people will also get their queries answered and that becomes an easy way for two-way communication. Engati has a plug-and-play Shopify app for stores like yours and I can help you with the setup if needed. There is a bot that can give replies and live chat where people can connect with you. The bot is also a ready template so all you have to do is install it. Let me know if you want to get this done 🙂

Reach out to me directly or visit Engati if you need more help 🙂
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Hi, @thegardeningwor 

I can open your store in chrome, firefox browser. I can't see any notification or pop-up. if you have any screenshots of the problem that you are facing then you can share them.

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Hey! I tested your website on Firefox and a variety of other browsers, as well as on mobile browsers and it worked great for me each time. I did not run into any issues. Could you share a little more information about the URL and how that was being used? I tested that URL as well and it does not appear to resolve to any website at the moment. Did it used to link to your main site before? It could be that the subdomain is not successfully pointed to your main domain. My first thought is that customers had bookmarked URL or were accessing your site through the saved URL and now it is no longer redirecting to your main site. 

Please feel free to reach out directly if you need additional guidance for the website issues. All the best!

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