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Started Advertising But No Sales, Why?

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Just started advertising on facebook. I have had 2 initiated check outs but no sales, what could it be?


Product im advertising:

FB Ad: (I have 2 other opening video variants)



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Hi @LDN_Dropshipper ,

Founder of Addyz here.

Try targeting lookalike of your past purchasers, this way you optimize campaign to find people with closest resemblance to people most likely to convert on your store. If you have significant abandoned cart, try retargeting campaigns. Most of sales for our clients comes in with this campaign. Try running prospecting campaigns for initial 15 days and then see if can get some real results.

Start with this campaigns, we have seen our clients getting significant part of their sales by following below strategies:

  • Cart abandoned campaigns - Show ads to people who have left cart abandoned on your store
  • Best Seller Campaigns - Show people who visited your store in the last 30 days, a carousel ad of the best seller in your store. The data is refreshed on daily basis.
  • Discounts/Sales Campaigns - Give discount coupons to your existing customers who might be interested in a product
  • Prospecting Campaigns - Find new audience which are similar to people who have visited or purchased from your store.
  • Social Media Base Campaigns- Target audience who engaged with your social media posts/ads.
  • Cross-sell /Upsell Campaigns- Cross sell or upsell products to audience who have already made a purchase from your store

If you have some doubts, on any strategy just drop a message below.

Addyz is ad optimization and automation platform for facebook and Instagram ads. Addyz allow store owners to create proven campaign strategies and branded catalogues to increase ad efficiency and boost sales
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Hi Sarah,

First, congrats on launching your store! It looks like you have some interesting products and a solid team behind your website.

Although advertising is certainly an important part of your overall strategy, a critical piece that often gets overlooked is your copy. Studies show readers consume just 20% of the content on a web page, so it's critical your copy be clear, concise, and compelling. As a copywriter, I help businesses like yours connect with their target audience and convert "Just Passing By" visitors into "Ready to Buy" customers.

I'd love to connect with you and discuss some ways we could make this happen. Do you have some time for a quick Zoom call in the next few days? You can reach me by email at or through my website:

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Mike Lamb

Freelance Copywriter