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I've been running Ads for my store for like 2- 3 months since organic search is not working for me. I received like 2K visitors per month but I'm not having the sales conversion I expect. I really need your opinion about this. 

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Hello @Gigil 

Hope you are doing well.

I understand how it can be frustrating to be doing everything right but still not getting your traffic converted to sales. You may find comfort in knowing that you're not the only one on that boat. Millions of Shopify store owners are facing the same problem. This is not because you are necessarily doing something wrong, but rather because Sales is an organic process, involving people getting to know you, visiting your brand, looking at your products, comparing them with others, and finally making the decision to purchase from you. So this takes some time, during which you have to hold on tight. But, you can't be just passively waiting for sales to grow, so I would recommend you look at these tips and see which ones you can use: You have great faith in your online shop, but why aren’t visitors converting?

Another Thing you could consider: Not all traffic is good traffic.

Traffic will only have any chance of converting to sales if they are being generated by the right consumer. If your product is for females under the age of 30, but your ads are being viewed by males over 50, that is a lot of traffic, but it will never convert to sales. So, before you spend on targeting, a good idea is to have a simple Google Trends search, that will tell you who is looking for the products you search, what is their age, gender and location. Then you can put forward some really targeted ads that are bound to generate clicks.

Here are some areas where you could consider working on

  • Add a sticky header. The headings are important to navigate the site. If the headers keep disappearing, it makes it hard to find what the customer is looking for. That is why if you make your headers sticky, the user can see them even if they have scrolled down, which makes the site more user friendly.

    You can also consider making your headings a bit bigger or bolder, so that they catch the eye more easily.

  • People tend to buy more from people they can easily relate to. If you share your journey, your goals, and your aspirations with your customers, it will be easier for people to connect with you. If you can create an emotional connection with your visitors, people are sure to buy products from you. I see you have an "About Us" section but try to include your own stories on more detail with your inspirations and your dream. This is the section that helps you create an emotional connection with your customers. 

  • It is a good idea to place a banner on the homepage that tells your customers exactly what they are looking for. You may add a separate banner for each of your product types

    Your banner looks very good and matches your theme and product. Consider, however, adding a Shop Now button to your banner, which will take you directly to the relevant product page.

    It is a good idea to have multiple slides on your banner (each should stay for around 5seconds) for each product type and have the CTA buttons for each slide redirect the customer to a different product page.

  • Because this is an online store and people cannot touch and feel your products before buying them, they rely heavily on product images, which is why the images have to look top-notch.

    The main problem most Shopify store owners have is that they upload raw images of their products. On the website, this makes the product color dull and unappealing.

    Rule of thumb - never post unprocessed images on your website. In case you are looking to make your images sharp and professional, contact CutOutWiz for any image-related solutions.

    Especially for this kind of product, it is a good idea to have multiple images of the product, from multiple angles, so that the customer can have a feel of what they are buying. If you are looking for an image processing company that will solve all your needs, you can check out CutOutWiz.

  • People always don’t know everything about a product beforehand. When they see a product or show interest in a product, they want to know more about the different aspects and specifications of the product. If product descriptions fail to provide people with enough information about the product and fail to create an appeal for the product, the visitors won’t buy the product. So, provide elaborate and appealing product descriptions to every product to increase your sales.

  • I see that your store doesn’t have a Favicon. Having a favicon on your website is crucial. It makes your site recognizable on browser tabs, but it too gives a professional look to your website.

  • You should also add a Call-To-Action (CTA) or a Shop Now button to the banner, so that users can be redirected to the relevant product page, without much delay.

Hope this helps you. If you find it useful, leave a like to let me know! Happy Selling! Thank you and the Very Best of Luck to you! 

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Hey there, @Gigil!  

I’m sorry for your frustration. It’s always disappointing when you build a store, run paid ads and have no sales. Let’s see how we can turn it around. 

Before we dive into your site and ads, I want to suggest a few things:

  1. Run a poll/survey asking your visitors, “What stopped you from checking out?” See if it’s related to your website, your pricing, etc. 
  2. Use visitor behavior. When you see how people are using your website, you can visually see what stopped them from checking out. This is done through things like heatmaps (to see where people click) and session recordings (to watch someone’s experience from landing page to exit page). 

Now, let’s go for it.

Update and evaluate your ads

I looked in the Facebook Ads Library and saw your ads. You’ve done a great job in linking your promoted products to the right product page. However,the ad text fails. It’s far too long and doesn’t sell the product. 

  • Get creative here. Write some text that makes your audience WANT that product. Look at your click rate. 
  • Evaluate the campaign on your website. Use a click heatmap filtered by your campaigns (UTM parameters help) to understand what visitors do when they come to your site from an ad. What do they do? Where do they click? Session recordings can also be filtered by source/campaign for additional details.

Change your pop-up

Instead of birthdate, I would suggest promoting the birth MONTH. Birthdate may still be too personal and scare some visitors away.

Since visitors don’t know if they are going to buy from you, this still may not be enough value to encourage them to sign up.


Clean up your announcement bar
First, make it clickable and link it to your All Products Page.

Next, simplify the message. You want it to catch someone’s eye and be easy to read. So instead of “Shop and enjoy Free shipping over $100,” try “Free shipping on orders over $100.”

I would also test different price points for free shipping. Having it lowered to something like $35 may encourage people to add more. Test to find out. 

Optimize your main navigation
I’m big on navigation, and so are your visitors. In your case, you need to make this main navigation a little easier to use. I would suggest watching session recordings to see how people move around your store. How do they use the main navigation?

I would change it to Home | Shop All | Baby | Toddler | Big Kids | Clearance. Why?

  • It removes the confusing Baby drop-down that only leads to one collection
  • It consolidates to maximize people who are wanting to find something in particular. 
  • You can also run a survey/poll (at a different time than the one mentioned above) that asks visitors what products they are interested in. This can also help you evaluate if your audience prefers baby over big kids, sustainable over affordable, etc. 

Maximize your hero image

Your hero image is very blurry, especially on a desktop. It also is too vague and hard to read - 70% off selected items? How will they know?

Come up with a better image, add in a tagline and get a CTA that stands out. You want them to go to those products. 

Analyze your homepage
As with other aspects of your site, keep analyzing them. For example, your mission statement isn’t going to be adding value to your visitors. You don’t need it under your hero image. 

Likewise, should you be featuring products directly on your homepage? In most cases, I’ve seen this is a bad idea. However, don’t take my word for it. Use a scroll heatmap to see how far down the homepage people scroll and then use a click heatmap to see where they are clicking.

The same goes with your blog. It likely isn’t getting much attention from your homepage, which means you can remove it from this stage.  Again, use the heatmaps to your advantage. What information do they miss? What features do they click? 

Work on the overall experience
As I went through your store, I saw concerns. You don't have a policy page for your shipping, which means your visitors have no idea what it costs or how long it could take. By combining the Terms and Service and Refund page but having no mention of refunds on it, you lose people who want to know your policy on it. 

Take some time to make sure you have these policies and that they are easy to read. 

Another example is your contact page. 

  • Don’t leave your Instagram page as the way for them to contact you. They already know that. Instead, use a linked email address and add your phone number. Include your business hours so that people know what to expect when they contact you. 
  • Remove the phone number field from the contact form. It has a very high abandonment rate. 

Add filters to your collection pages
You need to make it easier to search. Most visitors aren’t scrolling through your pages just browsing - they want something specific. Add in filters for color, price, rating, style, season, etc.

Speaking of products, come up with some fun names! Baby Girl, Long Sleeve Top and Legging Set is very informative, but it’s boring.

I would also suggest using sizes rather than ages. When I was looking at your clothing collections, it was a struggle to find clothes for kids who were up to age 12. This is where having sizes would be beneficial. 

Work on your product pages
First of all, you have some repetitive information at the top of your product pages. These can be removed.


Now, let’s talk about checking out.

  1. Don’t leave shipping costs to checkout. It’s a terrible experience. 
  2. I would promote Shop Pay lower on the page. It’s not bad information to have, but it doesn’t need to be so high on the page.
  3. For the Girl - Denim Skirt page, the only available size option is 6T. However, no one knows if this is all you offer, if the rest of the sizes are sold out, or if you’ll restock. 

Lastly, get some better descriptions. Add in a size chart (especially for older kids), and include washing instructions. You won’t have happy customers if they buy something that looks washable but needs dry cleaning. 

It sounds like a lot, but I promise it’s not. The good news is that you have a lot of opportunities here to find ways to get sales! When you use visitor behavior, you really get an insider view on what’s happening when visitors come to your website. The more you know, the more you know exactly what stopped someone from checking out. Lucky Orange has heatmaps, session recordings and more with a free trial (no credit card needed) and plans that start at US $10/month.

I hope this helps! Good luck!

Cheers - Danny

Proud to be a Shopify Plus Partner

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