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launched this and got around 300 visitors. It says 16 has started checkout. Ran it on Tiktok, and the price is around 40 USD. Free shipping.


In my customers tab, I can see "4 customers" have filled in all the info regarding shipping and so on - but I only have one sale.


So I guess problem 1: many add to carts, but high dropoff to where Only 4 have filled in their onfo.

And then problem 2: of the 4 that filled out the info, i only got one sale. This seems strange as well, why wold they fill out and then not buy..?

Appreciate all feedback.

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You are working with the cart page: depreciate this and use the one-page checkout. You have too many actions to checkout which creates unnecessary friction. A great rule of thumb is that add to carts should be 3x total checkouts, and that's a relatively healthy, normal range.


1) Go to 'online store' and then 'customize'.
2) In the top center, select the cart page, and change to a drawer cart instead of a cart page.
3) Go to the 'settings' button in the lower left of your shopify admin area sidebar. 
4) Click 'Checkouts'
5) Change from 3 page to 1 page. If you do not see this option, you do not have the most updated version of your theme installed.

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Hi @Spaaar, I'm Kate from PageFly - Shopify Landing Page Builder.

Congrats on your new store! I totally understand the hardships you are going through at the beginning. You are conducting ads on your product page for advertising, so the design of your stores need some improvements. From my Conversion Rate Optimization expertise, I would like to give you some advice to make your store more stunning & help you better convert.

1. Add countdown timer

For the product page that you are running ads on, you should use a real countdown timer, which can be particularly effective in this case to show limited-time offers. Instead of simply the text Limited offer until midnight”, you can use a timer with clear date & time & countdown function, to create the sense of urgency & drive more conversions.




2. Refine Product description

Take a look at your description tab, it seems to have the same content for all tabs, that may have caused the visitors confusing feelings about your stores and their trust in the product may suffer.


3. Add return policy & delivery date on product page

You should make the Return Policy with a direct link in the main content of the product page, either as a link in the "Buy" section or as a product page section, to minimize the time users spend locating it.

Also, note that you should show the estimated shipping date & fee right on the product page as well.  It allows customers to choose products based on their urgency or timeline, which can lead to more informed and confident buying choices, avoiding the bouncing rate when they reach the checkout page.


4. Remove duplicate information

I can notice there's a lot of duplicate information within your page, it's important that you can remove them & refine the content of the page.





The customer reviews part, it looks a bit messed up though authentic. You can compress them into a slideshow to avoid long scrolling, especially on small screen devices.


Other feedback may help to improve the whole store:

5. Invest more for the hero banner of homepage

The hero banner in the homepage is an important touchpoint to impress your customers when they first land on the site. As I can notice now, the current banner may cause visitors confusing feelings, due to those reasons:

  • Lack of bespoke image of what products you are selling
  • Lack of heading & subheading text describe your brands and your core products
  • Lack of Call to Action button to guide customers what to do next

Invest more on the hero image and content to attract visitors at the first glance & add a level of professionalism.




6. Make the header menu bar sticky

Consider making the header menu bar sticky to the top of the page.

By ensuring that users can easily navigate, sticky menus can help keep users engaged with your content. They're more likely to explore different sections of your site if they can easily access the menu at any point, potentially increasing the time they spend on your site.


That’s all of my feedback. Hope it will help you grow your business better. Feel free to reach me in the reply section if you need further discussions. Wish you luck and endurance on your entrepreneurship journey!



Kate | PageFly Team         

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Sticky header is recommended, as it makes it easy for the user to directly jump to the menu at any point of time while they are navigating through the Site. Other significant observations for store optimization are as follows:


  1. Put "Secured and trusted checkout with" in your footer.
  2. Add a live chat option on the website.
  3. You can add social media links, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram on the site footer.
  4. Taking someone to the cart is a challenge. So to make them buy from your site, add a longer product description as it leads to better SEO ranking in Google search. Ref article from Shopify


I hope you find these suggestions helpful in enhancing your store's performance and providing an improved experience for your customers.


Neha - Shopify Partner

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