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I have chosen to use Shopify as it seems a well structured platform for e-commerce.  Here is my store 

We have set up selling on Facebook, Pinterest, Google, Etsy, eBay and the Shopify App (also selling on amazon outside of Shopify).

I am generating traffic from Google PPC and Facebook/Instagram adverts.

Whilst we are seeing traffic come through (around 50-60 visits a day) we are not seeing sales, Google analytics is showing 50% dropoff at landing home page.

I would love some feedback on my store as to how we can improve it.

Please note we have signed up to Feefo and are currently trying to install a widget on Shopify (proving difficult) 

Thank You 


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Shopify Staff
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Hi, @PaperComet.

Thank you for your message, I would be happy to provide some feedback for your shop. I really enjoyed taking a look through your shop and at your great products, I think you have a lovely build here. I do have a couple of suggestions that may improve your store, however. First, I would recommend moving your sales information to your announcement banner space to capture the attention of your customers:

I also love how these products/collections are displayed, however, they do seem a bit small and blurry. I would recommend making them a bit larger so they are easier to see for your customers. It might not hurt to reference our Uploading Images guide, to ensure you are uploading your images as per our requirements. If you are using a third-party theme, you might want to reach out to the developers of your theme in regards to this as they may have specific image requirements for their build. 

I would also consider looking into this white space to see if you can reduce it, if you are using a third-party theme, this should be something the developers of your theme can take a look into. It might create a better flow between your greeting card examples and the hand-signed area. 

In regards to seeing good traffic, but not yet seeing many sales, this is quite common when launching a new shop. We have a great article that I like sharing with our merchants that talks about traffic but no or little sales in great detail here, that I recommend looking through. It walks through questions you should be asking about your store and design, such as:

  1. Can you move any non-essential pages to the footer navigation?
  2. Does your homepage have a clear call to action?
  3. Does your website look just as good on your mobile phone?
  4. Are shoppers adding products to their cart?
  5. Are shoppers abandoning their cart?
  6. How are visitors scrolling, clicking, and searching your website?

One thing you may want to look into further, which you mentioned Google Analytics is touching on, is where your customers may be getting "stuck" in your shop. There is a cool third-party app I like recommending to our merchants called Lucky Orange you could check out. The app lets you see recorded data of customer actions on your shop and may give you some further insight into where they are exactly leaving your shop or abandoning their carts. 

Overall, I think you have a wonderful product here and a really great store design that just may need some slight tweaking based on the traffic and sales information above. I hope you find some benefit in my suggestions shared here today, please do not hesitate to reach back out here with any questions about the above information! 

Marty | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hi @PaperComet,

This is Richard Nguyen - CRO Expert from PageFly- Advanced Page Builder. I have to say that I am amazed by how beautiful and professional your store looks and bet you must have put a lot of effort into it. I just have a few comments to give and hope it would make your store even better.

Basically, your store has some good points:

  • Showing customer reviews
  • Having a sticky menu bar
  • Have a clear refund policy in the footer
  • Having wonderful images and design


Besides these things, I have some comments and suggestions for you:

1. Homepage

1.1. Have a CTA button on the banner/ slideshow

A primary call to action button is one of the important things for a home page of an online store.

With this button, you will redirect customers to the page you want them to take action mostly. It can redirect to a collection page, or a product page, etc.

1.2. Make the Search field more obvious

The search field must be immediately obvious to the user on the homepage, which typically requires increasing its visual dominance on the homepage and then subduing it slightly on other pages.

Paper Comet 1.png

1.3. Add benefit bar

  • The idea is to start off by showing a full width bar that is visible above the fold.
  • Benefits The bar container is then populated with 2-4 benefits or reassurances. These are answers to commonly asked customer questions or pain points. These may refer to concerns about shipping, delivery, ratings or any active bonuses.

Paper Comet 2.png

1.4. Have a newsletter/ signup form

  • Having a newsletter on your site, customers can subscribe to their emails to receive product information, any sales campaign, etc from your store. 
  • PageFly integrates with Klaviyo, Omnisend, and MailChimp, they are great apps to customize forms for your page

Paper Comet 3.png

2. Collection page

Add average ratings for each product

  • ​​You should include both the user rating average and number of ratings on the product list items. This is one of the crucial elements for users’ purchasing decisions. They will rely on both to decide whether they should explore further a product.

Paper Comet 4.png

3. Product page

3.1. Make the price more eye-catching and obvious

Try to change the color, the font size of the price to make it more attractive.

3.2. Have at least 3-5 product images for all products

  • Product images are essential elements for users to judge products- if products do not display enough images, users will not be able to get a full sense of products and will be reluctant to purchase.

Paper Comet 5.png


3.3. Display a minimum of 6 reviews by default and allow users to submit reviews

  • Normally, users often rely on reviews to judge a product besides product detail descriptions and other info given by a site since they consider them more legit and authentic. I would recommend you display reviews on your product page (with a minimum of 6 reviews with the ability to “Load more” and allow users to submit their reviews.


3.4. Provide a list of recent viewed

You should provide a history-based recently viewed items list for all users (including those who aren’t signed in), and consider allowing users to edit it.

If you want to do more customization for your store to increase conversion rate, you can consider using a Shopify page builder. And PageFly, Advanced Page Builder with 24/7 support live chat is a great app that helps you easily customize your Shopify pages and make it more attractive.

If you find my comment useful, please let me know by giving it a Like. Thank you!

Richard - PageFly

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