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Hello, I’d love it if anyone could check out my store and give me feedback. I launched almost a month ago and I’ve just started getting daily sales. Is there anything you suggest I change on my website?

thanks in advance for the feedback

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You have a very nice store but you need to increase your marketing strategy.


I will recommend you to go for Google My Business and also set up SEO for your store so you can be getting targeted traffic and sales when you are not even running ads as long as the store ranks on google search engine.

I will like to help you on this. Kindly reply to this or click this link for a better discussion Getitdone


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Hello @Deborahv 

Hope you are doing good. Your store looks nice and here are few suggestions.

Add a favicon which helps to find your store when customer had multiple tabs in their browser.

Add a nice logo, it gives Identity and it also separates you from the competition.

Make header sticky for easy navigation. It helps customer to access menu at any time they want.

On the hero banner customer should be able to click on CTA button to navigate to the collections page. Add Shop Now(CTA) on the hero banner.

Make the content(menu)  bold on the header and footer section. As current text is hard to see due to background.

Display testimonials/Reviews on the homepage.

Include Blog page, Blog posting will allow you to show your followers a personal side of your business. In this way you can engage with Existing and New customers.

Promote your products on social plat forms and provide those social links on the footer section.

Make social links open on new tab.

You can promote your products with word of mouth strategy. Boost your sales with the app from the shopify app store   which helps to increase your sales.

There is no terms and conditions checkbox at checkout. I suggest you to install an app from shopify app store which provides 'I agree to the Terms and Conditions' before checkout .As it makes easy for the customer to read your terms and policies.

You can also sell your products on Etsy marketplace as it is very good platform to sell unique, handmade and Vintage goods . If you are already selling on Etsy store consider our Etsy Integration app in the shopify app store. Etsy is a Huge marketplace for selling creative goods such as art & collectibles, crafts & supplies, jewellery &accessories and more,  if you have any unique/handmade/vintage goods in your store, you can give further exposure to your products.

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Hi @Deborahv,

This is Richard Nguyen - CRO Expert from PageFly- Advanced Page Builder. I have to say that I am amazed by how beautiful and professional your store looks and bet you must have put a lot of effort into it. I just have a few comments to give and hope it would make your store even better. 

I- Home page

You should make a sticky header since it is a great way to help visitors to access your navigation and Search bar whenever they need. Lets say when a visitor feel interested in some products and want to search more about them, the sticky header would help them to do that easily without needing to scroll back and forth many times.


- Customer reviews are proof of your product quality. This section will help you build customers' trust. You can show rating stars for each product or you can add customer reviews as text and photos.

II- Collection pages

 I take this collection page as an example

You should consider using “Load more” button instead of “Pagination”, this allows users to actively decide whether they need to see more products, and easily assess their favorite products in one page.

- If possible, I'd recommend you make the list item thumbnails a little bigger, make it like 3 items per row so visitors could easily judge the products.

You should include both the user rating average and numbers of ratings on the product list items. This is one of the crucial elements for users’ purchasing decisions. They will rely on both to decide whether they should explore further a product.

III- Product pages

Generally, I love how you design your product pages, just a small suggestion:

- I would suggest you display “return policy” on the main product page content since it will make people feel more confident when making the purchase.

Besides that, we have a lot of best practices and tips for conversion rate optimization on this guide. Hope you will be interested in.

Above is my recommendation on your store. If you find it helpful please hit LIKE and MARK AS SOLUTION. 

Best of luck!



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Hi @Deborahv ,

I visited your website. your products and web design are very nice. I like them. But I saw something, this may be helpful to get a higher conversion rate:
- The slide banner with great visuals with your products and the "call to action" button. the slide banner should show the benefits of your products ( you can choose the best sellers to describe), your events, your discounts (Black Friday is coming, right?)



- add realistic product images
- make videos to attract customers and increase time on site
- pop up chat 
- Add reviews for each product (some Shopify review apps can help) and discounts to attract customers (on both the homepage and the product page)



- And don't forget to add JSON LD to your site to display your reviews on Google search by SEO app. (This SEO app I use 1 year:

- SEO: your mobile version is not good. Heading tags, Meta tags, keywords are not optimized. To handle this I usually use the above SEO app.
- lacking favicon

- Footer: add factors that make your customer trust, such as:

+ add your social media

+ "Our Company": About Us, Contact Us, Terms Of Service, Privacy Policy, DMCA Request

+ "Help Center": Size Charts, Payment Methods, Cancellation & Modification, Shipping, Delivery, Track Your Order, Returns and Refunds, FAQs

+ "Get In Touch": mail, support time, warehouse,...

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Thank you and have a nice work!!!
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Your store looks AMAZING!!! Great job sis!!!