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Any feedback within the store would be appreciated. Please reply and help me fix any issues that are noticed. Thank you so much! Haven't received any sales and have over 6,000 sessions. 😞


Store: My Empty Closet (Click to view)


Thank you!!

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Hello @mateoman1 


I have carefully gone through your store: and I discover it great store with amazing products however your store lack some feature like:

- No Favicon : Having a favicon for your store will make your store unique and help customers easily recognize it. You can search for Adding a favicon to your store on the Help Center of Shopify to know how to add it.
-No Price Comparison : This will let customers know you are offering them reduction on your products
- No Products Review; You can import products review to gain customers trust
- You don't link your Social media page: You should have social medial for your brand and link them to your store especially to the footer menu
If you can do this, Sales is sure with good traffic to targeted Audience.


I hope the above is useful to you.
Best regards,
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Hi @mateoman1 ,


This is Victor from PageFly - Landing Page Builder App.

I like the design direction of your store - it creates a strong vibe of urgency for customers to start purchasing. You must have invested lots of time and effort in this.


From my viewpoint, I have some suggestions for your site, hopefully, they can drive conversion for your business.


Home page

  • Announcement bar: Keep your announcements short and on-point, keep in mind that customers come to your store for purchasing, not for collecting information. If you have any special deals, it’s ideal to show it next to/ above your products, where customers are most likely to purchase. 
    For the above-the-fold area, avoid having too much text - you can keep 2 announcements bar at the top to announce important messages only


  • Display promotion: If you are having products with special deals like BOGO, it’s best to display some of them right on your home page to attract customers. You can add a list of 4 handbags in this section so customers can see what they are expecting from your store, along with a View More button


  • Bespoke images: Graphic images are good, but too much of them may not be the best choice, especially when customers haven’t seen what you are selling even though the page is scrolled halfway through. In this case, I suggest using male/ female models wearing your products to show your products clearly




  • Image variant: For fashion items, it’s best to have at least 3 images of your products, showing all views, or showing its material. Customers will want more information before purchasing, and for the fashion industry where product appearance determines their decision, product images are instrumental.



Product page

  • Color swatch: For variants with color, it’s suggested to display using a color swatch rather than label options, which can give a better visualization of your products


  • Have sticky product image: Sticky product image helps you avoid unwanted blank page on large view mode like this


  • Product details: For this type of product information, I suggest using a table - It will help you clearly display the information, as well as help customers quickly scan it



I hope these suggestions can be helpful for you. Good luck with increasing sales for your business!


Best regards,

Victor | PageFly team


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HI @mateoman1,

the first thing that catches my eye is your design and banners. In my honest opinion, these do not look high quality. I know that many people here start shops from nothing - without any investment whatsoever - but I would definitely suggest investing some money so that your shop may have the retro style, but so that it looks professional at the same time.


Good luck!




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