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hey guys

I have few visits to my store and i run google shooping ads but stull no conversions

I made alot of improvement but still...

Looking for an professional advice


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Hello Arwastyle99
I have checked your website, I'll give you suggestion later. But can you tell me how many traffic you get per day? 

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I took a moment to look over your website, and I must say, it's pretty impressive. But, I think you have to change your website layout a little bit to optimize everything you want to show on your website.





Firstly, I see that there are a few duplicated parts in the menu bar. You should check and optimize your menu bar. In addition, there should be an additional product category button to classify products, not just an all products button.







In the following sections, I understand you want to convey your message to customers, but the fonts and font colors you use can make customers quite confused when reading. I suggest you simplify the text to better reach customers.






In the customer reviews and feedback section, I feel very happy because you have extremely high quality reviews and feedback. However, I see that these two sections are too similar, so I recommend that you remove one section and keep a single section to avoid making your website cluttered.







As I said in the menu bar above, because you don't have a section to divide product categories, you have to show them all on the website. That makes it very difficult for customers to choose and find the exact product they want.





On the product page, the product images are very good. But in the product information section, I see you are inserting too much information, which makes it difficult for customers to read it all. You should choose words carefully and only include necessary information, such as size chart, product information, size information, packing list. As for the images in the packing list section, you should remove them and add them to the product images on the left as the product detail images.