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Store SEO needs to be dramatically improved - HELP

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I have been working on my website for some time now and I thought I would get a lot more traffic onto my website once I uploaded my 55,000 products but that is not the case. In turn, I need help from the community in upgrading my SEO on Currently, it is just me working on the website and so, I have automated SEO configurations as I am not able to allocate thousands of hours to increase things like meta tags or keyword search result rankings. With that in mind, am I missing any SEO automations and/or apps? Please bare in mind that I do not have a ton of money. Thanks!


App Name:What the app achieves:Cost:
AMP by Shop SheriffSelvence_0-1630620397146.png


$0 /month
AVADA SEOHTML Sitemap / 404 Pages / Google Structured Data$0 /month
Crush PicsSelvence_3-1630621295770.png


$10 /month
File Optimizer

Minifies various files



$25 /one time 

Heavily speeds up my website page speed score / Image Optimization



$39 /month
SEO, JSON-LD, SchemaSelvence_11-1630621964400.png


$49 /one time
Tiny Img

Offers JSON LD / Image optimization 



$9 /month



GTMetrix (Homepage Speed Score):




Google PageSpeed Insights (Homepage Speed Score):


This score has been heavily optimized by my Fiverr workers. There is no chance of improving these scores. Below are the jobs I have had completed from Fiverr. 




Google Search Console:



- I have no idea why 46k products are not indexing 



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As much as I understand your limited time unfortunately not all (important) aspects os SEO can be fully automated. I recently posted about this:

There are at least two things you need to do:

1) The mobile speed is not good enough. I do not know what the people you hired did but the results are far from as good as they should be. Mobile speed is in fact the most important not the least because Google focus on that.

2) You need good external links to your site. Right now there are very few and not very good so your authority is almost zero.

On top of this I will recommend that you start focusing on a few of your most important collections. There appear to be something wrong with them - they all look like this:



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Selvence - Who did you use from Fiverr for the Website Speed and SEO Optimization (Premium at $175)


Thank you

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haseeb_coder for the $175 (1 job) and anuj58316 (3 jobs) for the rest. Anuj usually does my speed site increases with great effect - usually 98 desktop and around 70 for mobile. However, I have been trying to find ways not to have these guys do their work as it only lasts for about 2 weeks and then my website speed degrades. It's like they fix issues that will re-occur rather than stopping the issues completely. With that, Hyperspeed (my app) has been great with speed increases and I pay $40 a month for it. Without Hyperspeed, my GTmetrix scores drop to about 80% across the board. 

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I don't know how realistic it is to expect proper SEO on 50k+ SKUs for what your spending. We have 37k SKUs and have a $4kUSD/year product information management (PIM) budget and $2.5kUSD/mo SEO budget. We adjust PPC accordingly but minimum is $1.5kUSD/mo. Of course this is all aspects links, SERPs, ad spend management, H2, images, GTINs, pricing, google merchant, google ads, Klayivo & Privy management etc etc etc....

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I know when you open a new store you need to rank it with some marketing to attract more traffic and buyers so I will suggest you tolearn about marketing skills.