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Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum.
I launched my new store and tried to put it on the market.
I have really tried everything but I cannot generate much traffic and sales. I tried everything but nothing. I have advertised on facebook, micro influencer marketing and more. Where am I wrong? Please help me.

The site is this:

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Hi @aldovalente,

Hyde here from Shopify.

Congratulations on launching your store!

You've done a pretty good job on the store so far. Before we continue, have you had a look at our Buyer Trust guide in the community? I'm wondering, for example, what your content strategy is? Can you talk me through your Marketing Funnel as per this guide?

All the best, Hyde.

Andrew | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hello @aldovalente, your store looks great. here are some suggestions:

Setup announcement bars or timers to promote your offers on the store.  AiTrillion has pre-designed templates of announcement bar, timer & sales motivator bars. 

- The pricing can be one of the issues of not getting sales. I think it's too high. Customers may shift to alternative brands.

Add a web push notification - It turns visitors into subscribers and subscribers into customers. It’s a powerful and effective marketing tool adopted by online businesses to reach out to and interact with their audience, keep them updated about any important information, announcing sales and offers, and eventually driving more eCommerce conversions.

- For getting traffic run ads targeting the right audience.

Add exit-intent popup. Track when someone is about to leave your website and show the visitor exit-intent popup with attractive offers and coupon code to complete the purchase.

- Add a discount popup with a discount code that will help to entice customers to make a purchase.

If you would like to implement the above features/ customer engagement or marketing tools in your store. I would recommend you to try out the all in one Shopify app AiTrillion. I am sure you will find it useful.

Hope this Helps! 

Sachin D | Shopify Growth Expert @ AiTrillion

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For getting the traffic, you need to develop a structure:
1. Try to advertise more and more
2. Get Social
3. Try to change the length and format of your content
4. Write catchy headlines
5. Give your full attention to On-Page SEO
6. Always target on long-tail keywords
7. Start doing guest blogging
8. Invite content creator in your niche to guest blog on your site
9. Persuade other Referral Traffic
10. Post content to social media site like LinkedIn
11. Implement Schema Microdata
12. Link internally as it can help in your growth
13. Publish interviews on your blogs
14. Never ignore Email Marketing
15. Ensure your site is responsive
16. Make Sure Your page optimized as fast as possible
17. Build your community into your site
19. Keep your eyes on your analytics data
20. Be active on social media
21. Be on time in the submission of your content to aggregator sites
22. Add video into your content strategy
23. Analyze your competition 24. Organize Webinars 25. Always attend conferences

There are a few methods by which you can optimize your website to help generate more sales.

Keep your home page simple
Add videos to your key conversion pages
Create some innovative ways to capture email addresses
Build relations with testimonials, associations, and case Studies
Create creative content that directly targets key market segments
Include upselling
Clearly explain your value on your landing pages

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There are many ways you can increase traffic and sales in your store.


  • Social media marketing:

In this digital era, everyone uses social media, so; social media marketing is one of the best platforms for connecting with your audience to build your brand, increase sales, and drive website traffic and generating great content on your social media profiles, listening to and engaging your followers, analyzing your results, and running social media advertisements. These major social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube.



  • Search Engine optimization

SEO tools to improve your site to increase its visibility for relevant searches. The better visibility your pages have in search results, the more likely you are to garner attention and attract prospects that automatically increase traffic.



  • Email marketing

Email marketing is the use of commercial email to promote products or services while developing relationships with potential customers or clients. It is essentially direct mail done electronically.


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There are many possible reasons for having low traffic and zero sales for your store, and some of the most important ones are mentioned below - 

  • Poor Content - Choosing poor quality content, can be the biggest factor for having low traffic and zero sales for your store as content plays the most important role in the conversion or traffic part. 
  • Lack of Digital Marketing Skills - Digital Marketing is a game and the one who is most skillful is the one who will get the most out of it. Digital Marketing if done correctly can become your most powerful traffic and sales weapon, and vice versa.

If you are looking for a digital marketing agency, that can help you in getting high traffic and sales, then you can contact Propel Guru


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Hello aldovalente,

Don’t be disheartened already, you’re doing a great job so far. Your store just needs a few tweaks maybe and everything will be just fine. 

You need to try out some product badges in your store. They work wonders to capture the attention of your customers. There is a way to use coding and apply them in your store. Otherwise, you can try out ModeMagic to do the same. Check out some badges on the app here:

KrishiBoo_0-1620237165497.pngKrishiBoo_1-1620237165457.png    KrishiBoo_2-1620237165459.png    KrishiBoo_3-1620237165435.png

I’m attaching a video here for your reference.

Adding the app LINK here for you to give it a shot. Let me know if this worked out for you. 🙂 

KrishiBoo From ModeMagic
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