Struggling to make sales, what do I have to improve?

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I haven't made a single sale in a month, in my opinion the store is quite good, what do you think? 

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Hi @Aabe,


I'm sorry to hear about the challenges you're facing with making sales. To provide you with the most helpful advice, could you share more details about your current marketing efforts for Understanding how you're promoting your store will be crucial in offering specific suggestions and insights.



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I'm just doing organic marketing, tried facebook ads also, but didn't work

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Hi @Aabe 


I’m Garcia, a CRO expert from PageFly - Advanced Page Builder app.

Your store looks great, but still there could be improvements visually and functionality-wise. So, here I’ll drop some suggestions for your storefront to increase your conversion rate:


1. For the Homepage

Your Homepage is where your customers first visit and determine their first impressions on your brand. So, there will be a lot to go through here but the results will be fruitful:

  • Optimize the header: Currently your header looks a bit scuffed with all the texts displayed. Consider shifting your brand’s motto “Discover. Shop. Enjoy.” elsewhere (like in your hero banner’s description or on About us page), and limiting the amount of navigational items (you can group “Ambiance lighting” and “Christmas lighting” into “Collections”, and move “Contact us”, “Shipping”, “Returns/Refunds” to the footer).


  • Update your images: Make your images HD and screenwide (wherever possible) so that your customers can see your products more clearly, more easily. Currently, they’re looking quite blurry and not clear of what you’re trying to sell.
  • Optimize the hero banner: Hero banner takes up 70% of what your customers see at first glance. Therefore, utilize this visual section to showcase the best product you can offer. Consider stretching your banner to cover the white space below it. Also, make sure your premier product (table lamp) is focused on the hero banner (which may suggest an image change).


Here’s how it should look:


  • Improve CTA buttons: It’s great that you have your CTA buttons tailored for every section, but your CTA buttons are currently not dynamic. Consider adding an animation on hover so that it appears dynamic and lively on your page; and also consider changing the color of your CTA buttons so that they don’t blend in the background. 


Also, try to avoid duplicate CTA buttons, which both redirect to one page:


  • Add in more necessary sections: Any customer’s visit might just be the first and only visit. Make every visit count by providing them with the most you can offer by adding necessary sections such as: Collection list, Featured Products, Benefits, Testimonials and Newsletters.
  • Remove a random section: If you want to implement an accordion, you can utilize it and turn it into an FAQs section.
    PageFlyGarcia_5-1700466628969.png2. For the Product page
  • Display swatches as colors instead of texts: Consider showing your variants as color swatches so that customers can easily know what color they’re getting. 




Also, there’s even one product whose color variants are shown as “16 colors”, which literally disables visitors from buying it and potentially makes them leave the page. Consider re-configuring this into color swatches.


  • Avoid lengthy descriptions: Generally, we don’t want customers to have to scroll as much to get to the information they need. So consider compressing this description into a really brief one with text only and no images (since they can already see on the left side).




  • Have the Customers’ reviews as a separate section: Currently it’s contained within the Product’s description, so consider separating it and put it as a standalone section below. This also helps avoid lengthy descriptions as I mentioned above.

You can take a look at one of our premade templates for a product page to get a clue:



PageFlyGarcia_9-1700466629098.png3. Get ready for holidays

Don’t miss out on holidays as they are the golden opportunities. People surf a lot these days, and they tend to make lots of online purchases. Join the upcoming festivities (we choose Christmas for example below) by implementing these changes for your online store:

  • Add a discount code that celebrates Christmas on your store: Preferably the code that includes your brand name, so that people remember. We suggest VENDICITXMAS.
  • Update your current sales banner on top of the Homepage, too: Keep it up-to-date so that your customers feel like they are shopping on an active store.



  • Add a promotional banner: The one that is Christmas themed and also features your ongoing sale-off campaign. Refer to one example templates of ours below to get an idea:





Hopefully, my suggestions have been helpful to you. Feel free to reach out to me if you need any further assistance.

Wishing you lots of luck on your store-building journey!


Garcia | PageFly Team

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Hi there @Aabe!


I can see you've gotten some helpful feedback from the Community here already, that's great!


I would like to share some general advice on driving traffic to your store and how to get more of those visitors converting into happy customers.


We would first advise merchants to work on driving sufficient traffic to their new store, so you can look into ways to do that. 


What are you doing so far to market and promote your store, and would you have a marketing plan in place yet?


Once you have a decent amount of daily traffic, you can then look into optimising your conversion rate.


You can look into how your store uses a call to action to see how you can use this to get customers clicking through to the checkout.


Generally speaking, you can think about the customer experience in your store and how you can tweak this to your advantage. 

Don | Social Care @ Shopify 
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