Suggestions? a lot of traffic no conversion

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We would like suggestions/diagnostics as to how to eliminate more frictions from our website. We have expedited the checkout process, we improved the speed of the store on mobile and desktop. Anything else we should do that will improve conversion?


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Hey Vita Isola Team,

I love that you are thinking about optimization and increasing conversion. CRO is essential for high-ticket items. 

We will be looking at optimizing your store in a customer-centric + data-driven way:

We will use the best CRO practices, human psychology, and a customer-focused approach to improve your website.

Here are my suggestions:

Home Page - This is one of the most important pages of your website. 

Navigation Header: I love the options you have. For the header, make this solid. The text is hard to read as it blends with your hero image.

Hero Section:
- Change your hero-title. At the risk of not knowing your business enough - You can use "Bold, Authentic, Different" or "Bags that spark conversations." Ideally, this should be a customer-focused benefit. When someone reads this, they should understand how buying your bag will benefit them.
- "Shop Now" - While a popular CTA, it is very aggressive. Try playing with "Browse Collection" or other softer CTAs
- Make the CTA bigger and more prominent. 

Collections Page

Filters - Add sort by and filters. It should be easy for the customer to browse what they want.

Products Showcase - Add Price, Add Tags like "Best Sellers" permanently. This will help customers browse faster. 


Product Page

- Add more features. 
- You need to give an option to browse through the pictures manually.
- Add benefits like "Free returns," etc. so customers can trust you more.

Remember, the goal of the website is to make the potential customer trust you. Moreover, we need to reduce as much friction as possible.

Data-Driven Approach:
After implementing these best practices, analyze data from Google Analytics + Hotjar. Keep reiterating on what is not working.

I did a quick scan of your website, and this is what I found. Let me know if you found this helpful and want me to do a complimentary full teardown!

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