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Take a look at our new website! Spare and Square - Let me know your thoughts and feedback :)

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Hi everyone, please let me know your thoughts and your feedback relating to my brand new webstore. Iv fixed a few issues and changed the layout a little since posting a few months back and would now like your feedback if there is more we can do. I am constantly looking for ways to improve the store and add new features to help with customer engagement and conversions. Only a very small amount of items currently online and thousands more being added over the next month before a huge marketing campaign so would love to make any changes that may be required before the marketing campaign goes live. Thanks for looking!  <--- CHECK IT OUT!!!

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Dear @SpareAndSquare 

Congratulations on your store!

Hope the following suggestions will help you

  • Font can be better


  • Improve store speed for mobile


  • Update your blog in a regular manner
  • Go for free Google shopping promotion then move to paid
  • Add product video at each product page
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I saw your store and I like it, However, I want to give some tips to improve your website

1. make the logo smaller in the NavBar height

2. on the product pages the Text that catch visitors eyes is "READ FULL DESCRIPTION"

with this text you lost add to cart action. I think you should change text color or even place of this Text because the spotlight should be on add to cart button.

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Hi @MS-WEB-DESIGNER thanks for your feedback on my store. I am going to change the font now as I agree its not the most appealing on the headers. I am also trying to improve mobile loading speed by removing any unusued javascript.


Thanks again for the feedback 

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Thanks for the feedback @MarkRoss . I have made the logo slightly smaller and todays task is to change the read full description placement and colours.


Does anyone else have any feedback for my store that could help it going forward? Thanks