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Taxes are not calculated correct (Sweden)

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Hello, I am facing an issue regarding taxes.

I made some testing orders and the taxes are not calculated correctly.

I have set the tax rate to 12% for Swedish( I choose to override taxes in EU). Also, i have chosen to calculate tax to food products 12% and to shipping rates 25%

So for a total of 260 SEK (VAT 12% = 31,20 ) (39 SEK shipping 25%=9,75 ) the calculated tax according to Shopify is  36 SEK . But the tax is not correct. The right tax amount is 40.95 SEK.

Could someone tell me why this happens?.
Does this has to do with any settings or is a bug of Shopify?

I sell only in the Swedish market. 




Screenshot (102).png.


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I have the exact same issue, and have no idea why it does this. Anyone knows why Shopify is doing this?