the frustration with Shopify in store POS changes... ALL THE TIME!!!!

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Is anyone else just as frustrated with the constant changes for the end user to use the shopify in the store POS? I have older employees that makes it already difficult to train on the POS but the constant changes are just as frustrating for me. Recent example, when I did a search in my inventory, I would click on the item, now I have to go a step further and "add item to the cart" or when logging on, I used to just have to enter my 4 digit user number, now I have to hit enter. Little nuances... but a nuances nonetheless.. Once upon a time it was not so, but now seems to have more frequently. I suggested to the support they should make changes maybe quarterly or require updates but to just make the changes and come into without no prep my folks... 

Those these changes might be beneficial; it just seems that every time I use the in store POS there has been made a new change. My new change might result in finding a new POS... but I was curious if anyone is as frustrated as I am ? 

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Yes, we're just as frustrated with this change.  Our older folks are having a "Very Difficult" time navigating this change.  We're going to look for a new POS as well.