Tiered discounts app - Seeking feedback from store owners

Tiered discounts app - Seeking feedback from store owners

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I built an app that helps store owners to create tiered discount easily.


App link - https://apps.shopify.com/byobify.


Tiered discounts are 'Spend $X and get Y% discounts', and might help with store sales as it provides more savings to shoppers as they spend more.


There is a 15 day free trial available for store owners to try out the app. I have just released it and I'm currently gathering feedback from store owners. I appreciate any feedback from store owners/merchants.


Short intro video - https://app.byobify.com/byobify-intro.mp4


Have a nice day!




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I have been looking through nearly every discount app available and I just wanted to make some suggestions. While the tiered thing is great just being able to give specific groups of customers an automatic discount or a discount coupon would be nice. It always seems like you can do it on Auto Discounts but not on the Coupon codes in apps and the Shopify Discounts let you choose a customer segment only on coupons and not automatic. I need both.


Also, limit the amount of times a coupon can be used. Free shipping on said coupon. If the coupon is used it can give them free shipping also... I would love to be able to choose a method of free shipping.


Some apps only let you select a collection of products to discount. I can make a collection but sometimes you want it on several collections with some exclusions.


The closest I've come is Wholesale - All In One but they do not have coupon codes which drives me batty.


I hope this helps.