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Tips for getting orders&opinions about the store

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Hello everyone! My name is Semir and I have a shopify store since a month but unfortunately I have no orders yet. I would like to listen for your opinion by getting a look at my store and maybe share some of your experince on how I can improve the store. I did a lot of research for the products, since february when I  started to create legaly the company so I can have the store. Also I opened facebook page and instagram business account, payed for ads on both inclusive on google ads. I even bought a domain and set the card payment. After that I will be honest, I have traffic, hundreds of likes at the ads, people comment positive, but still no order guys. I may tought made a mistake, maybe, for some reason because of the vat tax on eu I only sell in USA, is this could be a reason? Should I adress to more public? Or is it about the products, I have no idea what I did wrong and I just need an outside look. Thank you very much for getting to here with me, here is the link to the store Looking forward to your opinions, feel free to speak up your mind, have a great day everyone!

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Hello @royalinternationalstore, Leaving a lacking space in your ecommerce store, goes wild in exploding your brand effort. Leaving ( Abandoning ) in such a manner, is the same as leaving Huge CashRaphaell_Vein_0-1634461484153.pngRaphaell_Vein_2-1634461484158.png on the table, Cracking the walls for your competitors to crawl away your sale and retaining your supposed to be customer to themselves alone.

Regardless of the ROI you are making now, It is still more of Peanut Compared to the expected. C'mon Peanuts are made for monkeys and not you.
It Hurting and Very Heartbreaking Experiencing Low ROI on Ecommerce Store After Investing Precious Time And Capitals, Having An Ecommerce Store That Doesn't Worth 7 figure Earning Monthly, Is not worth your TIME, EFFORT AND INVESTMENT..
Like I Said Earlier, The ROI You Are Making Now Is Not What You Deserve As Long There Remains GAP Between You And Your Customer. You Are Losing The  Hell Out Of Cash, If You Have No Clue Of Your Customer Buying Behaviour, A System For Follow Up And A Close System Of Making Every Single Customer A Returning Buyer From Your Store.
Sorry To Say This, Your Social Media Ads Leave No Impact Of Conversion, If You Can't Seize The GAP And Used It As Your Strongest Weapon Of Going Against Peanut ROI On Your Store..
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Hello @SemirK 

Hope you are doing good. Your store looks nice and here are few suggestions.

Add a favicon, which helps to find your store when customer had multiple tabs in their browser.

Improve hero banner with related products. It gives first impression when customer lands on the homepage.

Add few products from each category with ATC(add to cart), on the homepage.

Add Testimonials or reviews on the homepage to build trust with the visitors.

Include Blog page, Blog posting will allow you to show your followers a personal side of your business. In this way you can engage with Existing and New customers.

Update contact us page with more contact details. It builds trust on your store.

Add email subscription field at the footer section. 

Make social links open on new tab.

You can promote your products with word of mouth strategy. Boost your sales with the app from the shopify app store   which helps to increase your sales.

There is no terms and conditions checkbox at checkout. I suggest you to install an app from shopify app store which provides 'I agree to the Terms and Conditions' before checkout .As it makes easy for the customer to read your terms and policies.

There are no reviews on your products. Add product review app so that customer can write a review when they purchase any product from your store.

You can also sell your products on Etsy marketplace as it is very good platform to sell unique, handmade and Vintage goods . If you are already selling on Etsy store consider our Etsy Integration app in the shopify app store. Etsy is a Huge marketplace for selling creative goods such as art & collectibles, crafts & supplies, jewellery &accessories and more,  if you have any unique/handmade/vintage goods in your store, you can give further exposure to your products.

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Hi @SemirK,

Warm greetings from Opinew Team!

It might be hard at the beginning for most businesses, so be patient and I think you should put more focus on improving customer experience on your website. I am happy to share my experience that can be beneficial to your business, and I hope they are useful in improving your store performance. 

  • Write an About Us page: Let your customers know who you are, and show them what your business is about. Write a clear message of why people should buy from you and it will help build trust with your visitors   
  • Improve Quick Links in the footer area: You should include enough information in the footer area, including your About Us page, Contact us, Shipping/ Return policy, as it helps your potential customers navigate easily on your store, and it’s good for SEO purpose also

Home Page

  • Add a favicon and increase your brand’s trust: You can follow this guide from Shopify:
  • Add a captivating hero banner to attract your visitors: This is the first thing your visitors will see when they land on your website, and it can decide whether they want to engage with your store . You should invest in an eye-catching hero banner with a message that instantly grabs your visitor’s attention, and encourage them to discover more on your site. 
  • Fix the Button label and enable customers to discover more: Make this button clickable and allow customers to discover more about your products.Opinew_0-1634468445953.png
  • Add CTA buttons to your featured product list: A call-to-action button can help you direct visitors to shop. You should add contrasting CTA buttons and give them a good reason to take the action you want them to take


Product Page

  • Include your Shipping/ Return policy: You should display this important piece of information on your Product Page. The more details you provide, the more confident your customers may find to purchase a product from your store. 
  • Add customer reviews section: Make your store look busy with customer reviews and increase your store’s credibility. You should add a review section beneath your product description and give your visitors an opportunity to learn more about the product and the brand. You can ask for friends or families at the first stage of business, or if you dropship your product from other sources, a customer review import tool might be a great option.

If you find my answer helpful for you, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up or mark it as a solution to let me know. I wish you all the best of luck with your store.

Opinew Team. 

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Congrats on your new store! I’m Richard Nguyen- CRO Expert at PageFly- Free Landing Page Builder. I’d like to give you some feedback and suggestions for over 100.000 merchants to help increase conversion rates for your store based on 5 years of experience.

Basically I like how you have:

- Elegant design
- Product videos

However, to boost your conversion rates with your website, I have some suggestions and feedbacks for you:

About your Homepage:

1. Make the menu sticky

Sticky navigation means that the menu bar remains visible at the very top, even though the user has arrived at the bottom of the page. This means that customers can easily move to another categories such as Electronics or Houses even when they are on Clothes page, without having to back to Homepage to choose. Moreover with your Menu, customer can easily search for products or manage their cart every time they want. 


2. Add Hero Image to attract customers from the first visit
Clearly, making a good first impression is paramount. Therefore, in this place i think you should invest more in a bespoke imagery, instead of putting a saying. 

hero image.png

Obviously, when product aesthetics are a large factor in the purchasing decision, great photography will matter even more. An aesthetically pleasing layout with large, high-quality images goes a long way toward setting a positive tone for the shopping session regardless of industry.

3. Highlight Core Products and Brand Features in the Homepage

I see your company has abundant products. Therefore, i guess it's quite difficult for customer to choose. When brand and product features are not immediately visible, users may conclude there’s “nothing special” about the brand or its products and be less willing to stay and explore the site’s offerings. 
Then, you can add a part for your Best Seller products on your Homepage, or a part which is Why you'll love our products and insert some information about benefits of your products.

4. Re-design your Button and add more Call-to-Action buttons. 

Currently, i see there are few Buttons on your page. Moreover, you need to re-design your button since Call-to-Action button is an important factor which helps boost your conversion rate. Also, You need to ensure the “Add to Cart” button has unique styling that isn’t reused with other buttons and clearly distinguish it as the page’s primary button in your Product page.


5. Display Customer Reviews and Allow customers to write their reviews on your Product Page.

Normally, users often rely on reviews to judge a product besides product detail descriptions and other info given by a site since they consider them more legit and authentic. I would recommend you display reviews on your product page (with a minimum of 6 reviews with the ability to “Load more” and allow users to submit their reviews. Because user-generated reviews are consistently seen to heavily influence users’ purchasing decisions, reviews should be treated as an essential part of the product details page, especially with your Products like Clothes, Electronics. 

I have a guide that maybe useful for you to pick a best reviews app for your store!

A Shopify page builder app will be a powerful tool to help you customize your pages to the fullest. You can consider using PageFly- Advanced Builder App, FREE plan is available with full functions and features, and our Live Chat Support 24/7 is always here at your disposal. 

By the way, BFCM is coming. You can amplify your sales in holiday season with PageFly solutions exclusively for this holiday season. All these holiday features could help you a lot in building a high-converting page.

Above is my recommendation for your store. If you find it helpful please hit LIKE and MARK AS SOLUTION. Thank you so much!


If it’s helpful to you, please let me know by giving it a like or marking it as a solution.

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