Translated Languages URLs are not working

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So we have a store which is, the main language is English and the Translated Language we haave published is French. Therefore, is in english and should be in french, but when you type it redirects you to the main domain.

We've contacted support about this but 3+ days and no answer.

If Shopify Moderators and support reads this, the ticket number is 26836421.

And if the Community has previous experiences with this, share your potential solutions!

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Hi, Rich from Shopify here.

I have looked at your store and believe this is the case:

- Your theme language is set to English. Theme language is your store's default language.

- Your content, such as product descriptions and menus, are written in French. 

- You have added French as a language, and published it.

- You are currently not using any translation apps - though I'm not sure if you've used the Translations CSV.

From what I can see the reason you are getting the behaviour you are seeing is that the theme's language is English but the content is in French. Whilst you have added French as a language, the French content isn't being used as translations of English, it is being used where the English content would be. Shopify has a Translations API which makes content on your store translatable. If your theme language is English, add all your content in English in admin, and then add your French translations by using a Translation API compatible app, such as one of these, or by exporting the CSV, adding French translations, and reimporting. Hope that makes sense.

You would then want to enable Language Selectors so that your buyers can choose language. This is done in the Footer section of Online Store Editor.

If I've not understood correctly please let me know, wishing you the best selling multilingually with Shopify.