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Ugly unmanageable shop

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My shop is unmanageable. It is all over the place. I wouldn’t quite call it the dumpster fire of 2020 but borderline and heading that direction. 

I will be the first to admit, I don’t know how to do most of this stuff. I have paid a Shopify expert who is “working on it” and admittedly it looks slightly better than what my 6 year old dyslexic child could have thrown together in an hour or two, but wait.... I am paying for this??? Any one have some easy tweaks for a landing page and some easy organization?



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Bit difficult to say without a link to your website.

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See... I thought it would link because I was logged in... apparently I need more help than I thought!

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Hi @B3thani3 

Hope you're doing good. 

U are selling good hand made products I saw your website. Ur domain is also getting redirected. 

I would say just sell those hand made products and get rid of other products. 

Also important information is missing on ur store like contact page about page etc.

Let me know if I can serve you for doing the tweaks and make ur store professional.

Thank you. 


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