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Users scrolling till very bottom but take no action

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Hi all,

I started a shopify store back in November 2020 and I am yet to get my first sale. I have tried everything I can think of, including completely switching out my theme. I run Facebook ads to drive traffic. I have seen several link clicks (but no add to carts) and many of the users also visit my store directly after a day or two (which I suppose is a good sign) and I have heat map apps installed to track user behavior. One disturbing behavior I have noticed is that most of the users who end up on a specific product page through Facebook ad scroll till the very bottom of the page, scroll back up and leave. Some customers stay at the very bottom for a few seconds and then leave. I somehow feel my product page is somehow missing something that they are looking for by scrolling or maybe, it's something that is turning them off. I have run ads for three products so far and more or less, the same issue exists for them. Average stay time is 30 seconds before the leave. Any advice on what I might be doing wrong? The three products are below:


Any general feedback pertaining to the website will also be appreciated.

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