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I made the mistake to post my website the other day and I'm getting spammed the shit out of my social networks by people from nigeria that don't give real feedback they just want to sell me their costly services with no explanation whatsoever about what would improve about my website.

Keep in my mind before posting

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Just been  experiencing the same thing all from gmail accounts that are not linked to any legit business as I have Googled numbers etc. 

Is there away of blocking this chaos who claim to be shopify experts. 


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Yep, it's quite annoying. As a general rule, DO NOT purchase services from anyone outside of the true Shopify Experts program, or a reputable freelance platform like Upwork. Unfortunately most of the "feedback" here isn't very unique or helpful, with the exception of a few people like @RichardNguyen from PageFly who provide good, unique, helpful feedback.

If you have any questions or want more detailed feedback, you can email me anytime at lily@asterly.io

I run a small web service and consulting company. Our first consult and evaluation is always free with no strings attached.
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Those are fake service do not get blackmailed but to secure your site.. there is no harm in posting your URL just make site secure using filters

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I never do buy or sign up without doing some research on businesses and if they do not have anything legit they get spammed. But it is just frustrating to receive so many spammers. 

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Thank you @asterly for mentioning me, it's my honor.

Our purpose when I am in the Community, especially in the Store Feedback topic is always to bring our knowledge as well as PageFly solution (with 6 years of experience providing conversion rate optimization solutions to more than 100.000 Shopify stores) to Shopify merchants and hope our contribution will help them in building and improving their stores.

There are also some experts who provide quality feedback.

Therefore, you can check our feedback directly in the thread!

Have a great day!

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