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We ask for your review!

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We don't look for a specific area or feature. 

Thank you in advance!

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Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hi, @JacquesHermes.

Thanks for your message, I would be happy to offer you some feedback for your shop. I really enjoyed taking a look through your shop, It has a fantastic professional product and promotional photography, an easy-to-navigate menu system and it looks like you are offering some really great products. One thing I noticed was the lack of an About page at the footer of your shop or in your main menu. I would suggest creating an about page to share more information with your potential customers about your brand's story, this helps build customer trust, retention and can potentially bring in new clientele who may not be familiar with your brick and mortar store. We have a handy guide on writing an effective about us page that you can check out here if you are curious. 

I might also suggest adding an Announcement banner to the header of your shop, you could add a banner to highlight the following information:

  • any shipping delays or regions not accepting international shipments
  • any updated or new policy pages
  • any promotions being offered at this time, such as new gift cards

Some Shopify themes and third-party themes have a banner feature built-in, you may want to check under Online Store>Themes>Customize>Theme settings to check your current theme. If your theme does not have this option, you could always utilize a third-party app, here are some examples:

- Bannerfly

- All Announcement Bars/Banners

- Quick Announcement Bar

I also notice that you do not have a Shipping policy in your shop unless I am missing it?

This may be something you want to add for your customers, feel free to check out our store policies guide for a walkthrough on all the options you can add if you need a quick refresher. 

Other than that, I think you have a great-looking shop and your focus now should be working toward building traffic and sales for the shop. I would love to hear more about what sort of online marketing and advertising you have been implementing to gain attention to the shop? There is an article I love sharing with our merchants that talks about ways to increase websites traffic that you can take a look at here. It walks through some important questions you should be asking about your shop, such as:

  • Is this a good product? A “good product” means that it’s good enough for your audience and passes their implicit cost-benefit analysis
  • Is there a large target market? A market is a group of people already spending money on something. Are people buying the same type of product?
  • Is there an addressable target market? An addressable market is a group of people with visible shared qualities, already spending money on something. Is there a market segment you can focus on? 
  • Is there a great product story and/or compelling copy? You might have a clear “why” for the product in contrast to competitors, but you need to translate that pitch to compelling web copy. Does your product pitch resonate with them enough to purchase?
  • Is there a low-cost way to reach this audience? The goal should be to keep customer acquisition costs low. Are there multiple ways you can reach potential customers?

Then walks into some further examples of legitimate ways you can start building said traffic. 

I hope some of this feedback and ideas help you out moving forward, please feel free to reach back out here with any follow-up questions or comments, we are always happy to chat! 

Marty | Social Care @ Shopify
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