We dit it! Upgrade to Dawn Theme (Schicke-weine.de)

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Hi Shopify Community,

The last 4-5 weeks I have working on my Store and Update my Theme.

We updated from:

  • Colors Theme
  • PageFly App


  • Dawn Theme 2.1 


Please check it: https://schicke-weine.de/


One of the big problems of dawn is the missing filter functionality (https://community.shopify.com/c/online-store-2-0/filter-by-tag-in-dawn-theme/m-p/1342807). We are now working with boostcommerce app that works great but such apps need a lot of JS Code hat slow down our page performence score. At the moment we have no reaction from shopify about the tag filter feature. On the one hand they want to boost the shop performence with theme and on the other hand they force us to use such apps that have a lot of JavaScript code 😞

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