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Our site needs some fresh eyes. We need sales. Please have a look at our site and let us know what may be missing to make that happen.

Thanks for taking the time, we really appreciate it.



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Hello @Lorelei_Derera,

Concerning your your post about the need of feedback on your website, Though i is well designed mostly the product and the theme you really tried There is nothing left out you touched every aspect of it. so just hold uptight to the marketing aspect that's the only thing so that your sales can be guaranteed that's all.


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Hello @Lorelei_Derera 

Hope you are doing good. Your store looks nice and here are few suggestions.

Add shop now(CTA) on the Hero banner.

Add Testimonials or reviews on the homepage to build trust with the visitors.

You can promote your products with word of mouth strategy. Boost your sales with the app from the shopify app store   which helps to increase your sales further. Improve your conversions by directly reaching those who close to your customers.

There is no terms and conditions checkbox at checkout. I suggest you to install an app from shopify app store which provides 'I agree to the Terms and Conditions' before checkout .As it makes easy for the customer to read your terms and policies.

You can also sell your products on Etsy marketplace as it is very good platform to sell unique, handmade and Vintage goods . If you are already selling on Etsy store consider our Etsy Integration app in the shopify app store. Etsy is a Huge marketplace, if you have any unique or Handmade product in your store, you can give further exposure to your products.

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Hi @Lorelei_Derera,

This is PageFly - Free Landing Page Builder. I would love to provide my recommendations for your store based on 6 years of providing solutions for about 100.000 active Shopify merchants.

You can refer to this article to get more tips to personalize your e-commerce store. Or this guide to know how to optimize conversion rate for your store.

Here are some of my comments on your homepage after I seeing it. I think it is the most important page in a store because users usually start their journey from the homepage. I hope these comments will be helpful for you.

1. Your banner

Firstly, I see there is a white space between the banner and menu navigation. This can be removed easily and you should contact theme support to remove it

GEMBuffet - A Wonderland of Gems – GEMBUFFET 2021-10-04 15-54-38.png

Secondly, hero banner is the first thing that users see when they visit your homepage. It is a simple and straightforward way to instantly captivate visitors. Because of its importance, you should show your products as clearly as possible on this place. The image of woman on your current banner is so prominent while it doesn't show your items clearly (I thought you sell dress). I think you should try another image (simply try zooming the woman image)

Finally, having a Call to action button on the hero banner is also a good idea because it is one of the factors that help your store boost sales. Putting a primary call to action button will help you redirect customers to the page you want them to take action mostly. It can redirect to a collection page, or a product page, etc.

2. Show all your categories in visual way

I see you have some kinds of product. So I think you should categorize them into different collection.

Showing all categories you have right on your home page and putting it at the top of the page is a good idea to boost sales. Customers will have an overview of your collections in your store. If customers want to buy any product, they can click on the collection of that product.

One example for you from our Decoz template:


3. Add product reviews/ testimonials

People love proof, especially when they visit a store and see many good reviews, they will be willing to shop! So you should add testimonial/product reviews on your store. You can check this guide to know more about its benefits and how to make it effective.

You can consult Stellar template here about displaying testimonials:


About product reviews, you can find lots of review apps on Shopify such as Judge.me, Loox, Stamped.io... They all work well with PageFly.

A Shopify page builder app will be a powerful tool to help you customize your pages to the fullest. You can consider using PageFly- Advanced Builder App, FREE plan is available with full functions and features, and our Live Chat Support 24/7 is always here at your disposal. 

Above is my recommendation for your store. If you find it helpful, please tell me know by giving it a like or marking it as a solution. Thank you!


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