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How's it going guys!

Just wondering if you can take a look at my website and give me any tips on if the feel of the website fits my brand's story and mission. also any tips on improving sales and what i could add more. Thanks!!!! WEBSITE 

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This is Richard Nguyen - CRO Expert from PageFly- Advanced Page Builder. I have to say that I am amazed by how beautiful and professional your store looks and bet you must have put a lot of effort into it. I just have a few comments to give and hope it would make your store even better.

1. I can see that your homepage are designed with a lot of effects and animation. I'm really amazed by that and it helps to grab my attention. But you should bear in mind that a lot of effects will also bring along slow loading time. And it might be not good for SEO. You can check your store speed on Google Speed to have more details on it.

2. Still about the animation, in my opinion, I'm not really into the animation of the navigation menu. It's cool but sometime when I accidentally hover on the column that contains a menu item such as "Collection", the animation will appear and it is kinda disrupting. You should use drop down menu or narrow the animation box a little bit. 


3. One small things with the homepage, I can see that there is a section containing "Best Seller" and "Shirt" collection. But the text and the call-to-action button on the "Shirt" column doesn't seems right. The overlay text is too hard to see and the button is quite small in comparison to "Best Seller" one.

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4.  I've gone though your collection page and the secondary hover image on each product is brilliant. It truly helps to make customer keep looking through every product. But there is one thing that I want to add to your collection page is that you should include both the user rating average and number of ratings on the product list items. This is one of the crucial elements for users’ purchasing decisions. They will rely on both to decide whether they should explore further a product.

Screen Shot 2021-10-17 at 23.28.21.png

5. About the product page, making the Return policy visible in the main Product Page content, especially “Buy” section will help minimize users’ purchase anxiety. Featuring a link in or near the “Buy” section can be a motivating factor when users are considering whether they should make a purchase or not.

Screen Shot 2021-10-17 at 23.42.55.png

6. You can consider to have a sign up form section to send newsletter to your customers. That is a good way to have more leads. Newsletter sign up form should not be just pops up because most of your visitor will ignore it. But a beautifully designed form section at an appropriate position on your page will create positive effects.PageFly integrates with Klaviyo, Omnisend, and MailChimp, they are great apps to customize forms for your page.

And that's my feedback. You can consider checking PageFly - Free Page Builder with 24/7 support live chat to create a more impressive look for your store to really increase conversion, also please take a look at this guide on how to personalize a Shopify store from PageFly, hope it helps!

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