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What can improve my store's conversion rate?

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Hey Shopify Community 


I recently tried redoing my website and noticed that I get visitors but not a lot of people add to cart or reach checkout does anyone have any ideas why it doesn’t convert so good or any design ideas that might help me improve

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  1. The website still doesn't look very filled-out text wise. You could add more pages like an FAQ and things to the menu.
  2. The color contrasts seem either too low (grey text on grey background) or too bright (red banner on black header) and the visual flow doesn't work too well.
  3. The product, a passive selling info course, is something that has become more newsworthy as many online personalities are pulling low-effort scams with them. It could be that the service is not trusted or seems sketchy.
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Hi @Jb16000 , 

This is Ricardo from InventoryHero app, I've been reviewing your site and it seems like you're missing more work to do in order to improve it, let me share some of my thoughts: 

  • You should create a sitemap, include it in the page footer
  • Regarding social media, you may want to try to include links to all your accounts which will be very helpful for you
  • All of the buttons inside your page, you need to check them because all of them redirect the user to the top of home page
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