What's your opinion on my enhanced website?

What's your opinion on my enhanced website?

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Hi shopify community, recently I just did an enhancement to my website to have more first page content than previous, i would like to ask your opinion on my website and would like to have some insights or feedback to improve it! let me know your thoughts.



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Hi @jasonthegrammy 

The overall appearance of your shop is appealing.

Upon briefly reviewing several pages, I observed some opportunities for improvement on the product page:

- The space between the product photo preview and the 'Buy' button could be reduced, especially for clothing shops where purchases are very often emotional.
- Personally, I'd recommend making the price tag more prominent.
- Consider placing 'Size' and 'Qty' on the same line for a cleaner layout.
While your shop is new, having product reviews can boost credibility.
- Additionally, I noticed that the product catalog may benefit from some design enhancements, particularly with titles and pricing, at the moment this area looks a bit sloppy.

Overall, your shop is great, and good luck!

E-commerce Strategist
CRO agency owner convify.me