When will the new price override function be available?

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Obviously, everyone is upset about the price override function being taken away, but the real question is, when will this "new" function they mention be added. The busiest times of the year are coming up quickly and I don't need to be having my employees pulling out a calculator for every customer, holding up lines. Being efficient and fast is how we are able to move lines quicker, and having this function gone and no new function replacing it will really affect our sales, reviews, and customer interaction. So, is there a set date that this new function will be added? Is there a way we can add price override back until Shopify is ready to drop this new function? If my employees have to pull out a calculator to change the price for the hundreds of customers we have in for Black Friday, it might be time to officially drop Shopify and go to the other competitors. The new function should've been added the SECOND they took off price override. It'll be a month that this function has been gone, and it is the absolute worst thing to deal with, especially on busy weekends. PLEASE get this fixed ASAP, this will create such a mess for everyone during the holiday season, ESPECIALLY Black Friday, which is less than a month away! 

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