Which Shopify Theme Would suite our website best?

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Hello there, 


I have been just researching a couple of the themes on Shopify and I got a bit overwhelmed. So I was thinking maybe I could get some insights here. 

Our website is www.akvibes.com and I am trying to find a shopify theme that would fit the new design which was designed on shogun app. 

Also, which theme would you recommend which would have the below features for the Product Pages: 

Title, Product Rating, Price, Multiple Product Shots and Possibility to add Product Videos, Product Description, 3 Benefits, Fast Delivery, Live Chat if Customer has a question regarding the product, Under 'Add To Cart' Button have the info about the Pick-Up Options and Estimated Delivery. Below We Could add more info About the Locations of the Product, Geology, ethical Sourcing, What is it good for other benefits, Other Recommendations or comparisons. Add Also Frequently Asked Questions and other Terms and Conditions.

Thank you,


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