Why am I getting high traffic but no sales on my online store?

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Hey everybody. i need help. Im started the shop before 1 month Why i not get sales/orders still? I have viewers, im ads every day on instagram and facebook. They started to adding to cart the items, but they are dont buy the products..im maked test pay before 1 week and this is worked ( this is the 0,60$ total sales)

Im redesigned 3 times my store. im added more items (12 products). Im tryed to make smaller prices for only i got 10$ profit but this is too not working. They are commented to my post after when i make the price lower than before. But i have now too 10$ profit, but they are now making to much add cart in few days, but this is my problem for they are not buying the products. But the ads manager is showed me, they are want to pay 2 time but dont success idk why..The payment is working im tested. My mentor is told me, make new shop with only 1 product. I dont know what is the problem..I have premium theme yes, and i dont want messages from Shopify partners, that they are redesign my store again for cash. I dont want it. I just want answer to my question

This is my store link : https://nextflexst.com/

Im spell more than 100$ for ads, but i dont get back from sales. And my all time+ energy..

Help, i think doesnt my design the problem. Im maked myself my shop alone. Thanks for answers















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Hi @Flex1760 ,


We can make the UI/UX look better which may increase your sales. Here are a few things we can do to improve the UI/UX.


1. The header looks too bulky, and the font are a bit off.



2. Add the image banner with CTA after the header.

3. Add a Product grid to showcase all your products.

4. Make the feature product UI better.


5. Make the button color uniform.


6. Add testimonial section and also add a details such as brand values.

7. Improvise the footer. Add footer menu, add background to the footer and also add logo in the footer.



8. We can also improve SEO of the store by using the SEO audits tools.


If you require further help to optimize or customize your store, please don’t hesitate to reach out. If you find this information useful, a Like would be greatly appreciated. And if this solves the problem, Please Like and Mark it as Solution!

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