Why am I getting traffic but no sales on my baby products store?

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I have an general baby/kid store which also sell products for moms and dads. I've had an ok amount of traffic for the month but only 1 sale from tiktok which i'm not including because I was not advertising on tiktok at the time. I've had my store for over 7 months have not made 1 sale from promoting. I think my ads are decent enough to obtain some clicks to my sites and the most session I've gotten was add to cart and a few reach to checkout but no one buys. I run my store from the US but most of my traffic comes from india which is like 5% US and 95% india. I'm not sure if my problem is my website or if shopify does not take payment in INR currencies. I know my site isn't the best looking site but I think it's decent enough to make a few sales so i could invest into a better theme. People told me india traffic is garbage and i would have trouble shipping there. I'm using CJDROPSHIPPING as my supplier and according to them they ship to many places in india.


I've done mostly facebook and pinterest ads here is a link to my page. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated. 


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Here are some tips that may help improve sales:

-Do a test purchase, or browse the site as a customer would when making a purchase. Are there any issues, are there changes that could be made to improve or streamline the process?

-Review your targeted ads, ensure you are using high-quality content and check the demographics which you are targeting. It may be that your ads are targeting the wrong customer base which is causing poor results. (If you are going for US customers your ads should cater to them, india for indian customers etc) Also, remember ads are a numbers game, only a few of the many people who view your store or products will make a purchase even if the ads are done well. As a general guideline a 2-3.7% conversion rate would be considered average for a successful store. The top 10% of ecommerce stores are probably running at about a 5% conversion rate maybe a little higher to put things in perspective.

I hope that is helpful!

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You may start promoting your store in the USA. Since you are using CJDropshipping as your supplier, you are most probably running a dropshipping store and doing only dropshipping.

US market is best suited for dropshipping. Indian market is price sensitive. Visitors from India will go to your store but they also do price comparison on different e-commerce websites and apps before buying something whereas in dropshipping business, you should sell and advertise something unique and impulsive. Impulse purchases are generally made by US shoppers because they do have a lot of disposable income.

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Hi @dijion90,

I'm Kate from PageFly - Shopify Advanced Page Builder App. From my CRO expertise, I’d love to give you my suggestions as hereby:


1. Redesign the wheel pop-up

A general rule of thumb is that the most effective pop-ups for boosting conversion rates are either shown on a website after 15 seconds have passed or triggered by specific user actions or behaviors. 

To enhance the conversion rates of your spin-to-win promotion, a great strategy is to present it when a visitor is about to leave the website, rather than displaying it right at the beginning of their session. 

Exit offers occur when a website showcases a pop-up or promotional message as soon as a visitor moves their cursor towards the 'close' button in their browser or when they switch to a different tab. 

These offers have been shown to retain approximately 10-15% of visitors who would otherwise exit the site, as they provide an incentive to stay or make a purchase.


Also, some texts on the pop-up do not seem to be readable. That’s what I hope you could recheck.

2. Have a sticky header

If your website visitors are looking for a particular product while browsing, what's the usual action they would take? They might have to scroll all the way up to the page's top in order to find the search bar, which can be a bit of an inconvenience. However, this issue can be addressed by introducing a sticky header, significantly improving the ease of navigation for your customers


3. Make sure the styling is consistent

A crucial element for an online store's homepage is the primary call-to-action button. This button serves as a direct link to the specific page where you want customers to take action, such as a collection or product page.

It’s great when you put the CTA button right where it should be. But please make sure that all CTA buttons on your page have a consistent styling to boost the conversion rate. 

Here is a CTA button without hovering effect like others:


This should be applicable to the texts and images as well. For example, the heading in this part is different from the headings in other sections.



4. Use social icon instead of texts

For your visitors’ convenience, the icons will save their time and therefore, these icons would receive more attention.



5. Add more testimonials - customer reviews

This section will help you build customers' trust. You can show rating stars for each product or you can add customer reviews as text and photos.

6. Geo-targeted advertising

Given that most of your traffic comes from India, focus your advertising efforts on this market. Create highly targeted ads on Facebook and Pinterest that specifically target Indian audiences interested in baby, kid, and parenting products. Use India-specific demographics, interests, and behaviors to reach potential customers effectively.

Also, consider running ad campaigns during times that are most likely to reach your Indian audience when they are active online.

By tailoring your advertising strategies to the Indian market, making your website more user-friendly for Indian customers, and prioritizing quality over quantity in your ad campaigns, you can increase your chances of making sales in this demographic.


And that's my feedback! Hope it helps you boost the conversion rate.


You worked hard in 2023 so I hope you get all the rest you need in 2024. Happy New Year!!!



Kate | PageFly Team

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Hey @dijion90 


I think you're working on a new brand right now but I saw your message and wanted to reply back your question.


Conversion is a visitor saying "I want to have this product, right now". After working with 300+ Shopify store owners, I saw that most common reason people leaving without buying anything is they just don't ready to buy product right away.


They like products, brand and want to have it one day just not today. I think you should work on your visitors buying journey with this perspective.


I explained all details in High Traffic, Low Sales article. Just check it out.

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