Why am I getting traffic but no sales on my new e-commerce store?

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Hello, I'm new to Shopify and E-commerce as a whole. I've just launched my store a few days ago, and I'm still experimenting with different add channels like Meta and Google. I'm gaining a decent amount of traffic, but only one 'add to cart' event a 0 sales. It would be very helpful, if someone can give their honest opinion on my landing page and store as a whole and what could be the reason why there are no conversions?

Store URL: https://vysor.eu/

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  1. Grow Using Affiliate Marketing.
  2. Get Good Design In Mobile And Desktop Version
  3. Make The Website Work Fast
  4. Send Bulk Emails And Discount Coupons At Regular Intervals.
  5. Establish Your Target Audience.
  6. Work With A Good Team Or People In Software.
  7. Encourage Repeat Business.
  8. Offer Complementary Products.
  9. Offer Upsells And Cross-Sells.
  10. Market To All Stages Of The Funnel.
  11. Work With Influencers.
  12. Calculate Profit, Loss, and Costs from Your Sales with Your Software.
  13. Ship Globally.

You can take only one or a couple, but within the time you should do all of these!



And if you're very tired, learn to rest instead of quitting!


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