Why am I getting traffic but no sales on my online store?

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Hi group.    

I have a question regarding sales. I'm getting views of my store but no sales or abandoned carts since launch. I did have some customer sign ups for emails but that's all.  What am i doing wrong?  Any help is welcome. The store link is below, feel free to have a look. The store was  launched over 3 month ago. 



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Hi Zelda,

I think your overall store design is pretty clean. However, when it comes to the product cards themselves, I would work on getting more consistency with you product photos. This would give you store and brand more of a solid personality and also help convince those who just see drop shipped products.  

along with this, I guarantee you would benefit from having product descriptions that entice your target consumer to make a purchase. With our free app Crowly, it's easy to A/B test descriptions to find one that converts well.

Below is a case study of one our first merchants who has seen an almost doubling in conversion rates through our automated optimization (all with less than 1000 view sessions).


Untitled (1600 x 900 px) (18).png

Let me know if you're interested in testing out our plus plan and I can send over a credit for our app.

Good Luck!
Ethan from Crowly

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Hi @Zelda1

This is Kate from PageFly - Shopify Landing Page Builder app.

You're doing a great job with your store. I noticed the clear layout, stunning images, and easy navigation during my visit.

Drawing from my extensive knowledge in eCommerce development and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization), I'd like to offer a few suggestions to enhance your conversion rates and achieve your first sale:



1. Improve your brand name

Regarding no sales, this is only the beginning of a long journey. Therefore, acquiring more attention might take some time. You can broaden your brand's reach on the Internet by enhancing SEO, creating content for social media (Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok), and implementing sponsored ads.

It will require time and significant effort to be recognized online. Hence, you should continue your excellent work and not give up.


2. Make your hero banner more appealing and attractive 

Incorporate a compelling story into your hero banner. This helps customers understand more about your products and the story behind them. Brand narratives not only build credibility but also foster trust, leading to increased conversions. For example:


3. Use high-quality images 

Using high-quality images can significantly improve your site's performance by increasing site views and user engagement. This leads to more conversion opportunities and extended visitor interaction.

You've put a lot of effort into capturing these great product photos. Please review the image quality and size again to ensure even better quality in these areas:



4. Add a benefit section 

You can capture new audience attention by establishing brand authority and highlighting your products' benefits. Consider emphasizing practical benefits like free shipping & returns, as these are often deciding factors for purchases. For example:


Continue your excellent work and remain patient. Hope my opinions can help you in your journey. 

Best regards, 

Kate | PageFly

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You should add FAQs if any, again these also help in building search engine content. Other significant observations for store optimization are as follows: 


  1. You can add Sitemap on the site footer, again these also help in building search engine content.
  2. Add an email address and phone number for the visitors.
  3. Put "Secured and trusted checkout with" in your footer. Taking someone to the cart is a challenge. So to make them buy from your site, add a longer product description as it leads to better SEO ranking in Google search. Ref article from Shopify


I hope you find these suggestions helpful in enhancing your store's performance and providing an improved experience for your customers.


Best Neha - Shopify Partner

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