Why am I getting visitors but no sales on my ecommerce store?

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I am owner of this store https://autoxpertmarket.com/?_ab=0&_fd=0&_sc=1, I have got over 1.5k visitors so far this week, but its not getting sale, I use Facebook and Instagram Ads. Any advice or suggestions would appreciate it. Thanks

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Hi @AutoXpertMarket,

This is Kate from PageFly - Shopify Advanced Page Builder app.

I'm genuinely impressed, especially knowing you're just starting out. Your site has a stylish flair while remaining clean, clear, and professional. From my CRO expertise, I’d love to give you my suggestions to improve your conversion rates and sales:


1. Edit your slide show hero banner

It is great that you have the CTA button in your hero banner and use a slide show effect for your hero banner. But currently, with a little bit of change that helps improve customer experience.

  • Change the position of the CTA button, header, and sub-header

Currently, it is displayed on the left of the banner, when view have just access to your store for a few seconds the CTA button position is hidden by the currency conversion button.

=> You should centralize the positioning of all these elements within the hero banner for better visibility and accessibility.


  • Replace the icon to change the slideshow hero banner

The current icon is quite small, making it difficult for customers to interact with it.

=> Enhancing the size or switching to a more user-friendly icon could improve usability. Additionally, enabling customers to drag left or right on the banner to switch slides would greatly enhance the user experience.


2. Urgency and Scarcity Indicators

Implement countdown timers for special deals or display limited stock levels to create a sense of urgency and scarcity, encouraging quicker purchasing decisions.


3. Add star rate and CTA button for your product on the homepage.

You should Include Both the User Rating Average and the Number of Ratings in your product. Customers often check ratings, reviews, and feedback on the product before deciding to order it. You should include this section together with your product information to get more trustworthy.

Add a CTA Button for your product to boost customer engagement and encourage them to make a purchase decision.


4. Cart Abandonment Strategy

Implement a cart abandonment email strategy to re-engage customers who leave without purchasing. Consider exit-intent pop-ups offering a discount or free shipping to encourage users to complete the purchase.


5. Use the Instagram/Facebook feed App to connect your Social media

Enhancing your store's visual appeal and boosting sales potential can be achieved by integrating shoppable Instagram feeds on your website.

=> Tools like VIBE and Instafeed enable you to display attractive Instagram content directly on your site, including posts, photos, and reels. These platforms offer the functionality to tag products within your visuals, allowing customers to conveniently shop directly from your Instagram feed.


I hope you find these suggestions helpful in optimizing your website's conversion rate and sales. If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out. I wish you the best of luck with your online venture.

Best regards,

Kate | PageFly Team

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Hi @AutoXpertMarket,


Thanks for reaching out to the community. This is MooseDesk - All-in-one Shopify Ticketing System App


Congratulations on the opening of your store! It's truly impressive, and I can see the dedication you've poured into its creation. While it's already great, I do have some suggestions to help make it even better. Here are a few of my recommendations for better customer experience, if you don't mind taking a look.


1. Information Hierarchy:


Restructure the information hierarchy to clearly delineate headings and content. Ensure that the heading font size is larger than the content font size, creating a more visually appealing and organized layout consistently across all pages.


2. Homepage

2.1. Hero Banner


Replace the current hero banner description, "Welcome to Autoxpert Market," with a more detailed yet concise explanation of why users should choose your store, highlighting unique selling points.


Consider removing the redundant banner for newest arrivals and best-selling collections from the hero section since you have already had these sections below. 


2.2. Product Introduction Section:


Include a section introducing the types of products you offer on your homepage. This provides users with a clear overview of your product range, reducing distraction and potential bounce rates.


Here is an example for you: 




2.3. Reviews and Testimonials:


Create a dedicated section for reviews and testimonials on the homepage, allowing users to scroll and read them immediately. This not only saves users time but also enhances the credibility of your store.


Here is an example for you: 




2.4. Eliminate Duplicate Sections:


Remove duplicated sections on the homepage for customers' choice, newest arrivals, and best-selling items. Maintain one section per category to streamline the user experience.


2.5. Remove Confusing Product Section


Consider removing a product section that may confuse users and lacks clear benefits, especially since you only introduce one product. Simplifying your homepage will enhance user understanding. Here is an example of that section




2.6. Highlight Product Benefits


Introduce a dedicated section outlining the benefits of your products. This builds trust and encourages users to make informed purchase decisions.


3. Optimize Collections Page


Categorize products on the Collections page to facilitate quick and easy searches for users. This ensures a smoother browsing experience and helps users find desired items promptly.


Here is an example for you: 


4. Detailed Product Descriptions


Include detailed product descriptions, especially specifications, to inform users about compatibility with their devices. Remove redundant images below the product details to create a cleaner and more efficient page layout.


5. Reconstruct Footer


Revamp your footer by adding your store logo, a brief business description, and key contact details (email, phone, and address if applicable) for a professional touch and increased user trust. Also, consider creating a dedicated shipping policy page to manage customer expectations and enhance transparency in the shopping experience.


Here is an example for you: 




6. Customer Support


I noticed your website currently lacks a customer support system, and I believe this is crucial for any successful store. Customer support plays a vital role in ensuring a positive experience for shoppers. 


To address this, I suggest exploring MooseDesk, a free support, help center, and ticketing system app. MooseDesk provides auto-reply features during non-business hours, a proactive help center, and a user-friendly widget layout, offering an effective solution to enhance customer support on your platform.


As an expert/enthusiast in UX, I recommend implementing these changes to improve customer experience when scrolling through your store.


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Thank you, 

MooseDesk - All-in-one Shopify Ticketing System App







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Sticky header is recommended, as it makes it easy for the user to directly jump to the menu at any point of time while they are navigating through the Site. Other significant observations for store optimization are as follows:


  1. Put "Secured and trusted checkout with" in your footer.
  2. Sticky header is recommended, as it makes it easy for the user to directly jump to the menu at any point of time while they are navigating through the Site.
  3. You can add social media links, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram on the site footer.
  4. You should add terms and conditions and FAQs if any, again these also help in building search engine content.

I hope you find these suggestions helpful in enhancing your store's performance and providing an improved experience for your customers.


Neha - Shopify Partner

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