Why am I not making sales despite high ad clicks?

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Hello I'm spending lots of money on facebool ads without any luck I have tried different ways and different target audiences in the last 3 months ill post my link here if u can look at my site and give me some feed back https://gravesfamilycreations.com 

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Hey Michael, it's Tobe from Regios Post Purchase Surveys, the app that helps small businesses collect customer feedback.


Can you go into more details about how you've been targeting your Facebook ads? Many new Shopify stores overlook the quality of their ad targeting, ad creatives, and buyer experience. Here are some questions I have that could help you reflect on your strategy:

  • Who is the target audience of your shop? I couldn't tell based on your product selection. Understanding which specific customers you want to sell to will make it easier to market to them.
  • How much friction is there between prospects clicking on your Facebook ads, and making a purchase? For example, do your ads take them directly to a product page that matches your ad copy, or are you just driving them your home page, and expecting them to figure it out?
  • What makes your products different from your competitors? Do your products solve a specific problem? Does your brand have a unique story? For example, your site is named "Graves Family Creations," but there's no "About Us" on your website that explains why the Graves Family started an online store.


In addition, you can use tools on your page like heatmaps, which show you which parts of your store users are clicking, and where their sessions are ending. The Shopify App Store has several heatmapping apps, like Lucky Orange  (not my app, and I'm not an affiliate).


Also, before you run anymore ads, I recommend adding a post purchase survey to your site (even if you don't my app). Asking customers for specific feedback about the customer experience, immediately after purchase, is a good way to identify opportunities to improve your site and increase conversion rates.